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Improved Skin Generator

One of the benefits provided to IP.Board license holders is the skin generator which allows you to automatically generate an IP.Board skin using the colours you choose.

If you're not familiar - have a look at our previous blog entry on it.

Something which is frequently requested by skinners is a way to move the member box in the IP.Board header to a different location, so it isn't overlaying the logo; more like a traditional member bar.
I've spent some time today working this in as an option to the skin generator. When you go to the skin generator, there will be an option under "Choose Options" that says "Add member bar?" - simply check this box, and the member bar will be included in your skin.

Here's a screenshot of how it looks using the default colours:

If you'd like this look on your community simply head over to the skin generator and download a skin in your colour choice. For instructions on how to import skins, please see our documentation.


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