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IP.Nexus Dev Update: Donations

Not only can IP.Nexus be used to sell specific items on your community. IP.Nexus can accept open donations targetted to any number of goals.

Please note that the interface shown in the screenshots is not finalised and subject to change.

A donation goal can be open-ended, that is, it has no target. For example, a personal community could accept donations towards the cost of maintaining the site. A donation can also have a specific target amount if you are asking donations towards a specific total.

Donation goals can be managed in the Admin CP.

When creating a goal you specify a name, description and if desired, a target.
You can create as many goals as you like.

Users can then donate towards goals in the User CP.

As you can see, all goals are listed and a progress bar is shown for goals that have specified targets.
To donate, a user simply enters in the amount they wish to donate and they are taken straight to the payment screen.

After payment, the user is shown a thanks page where they will see the progress meter again:

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