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IP.Tracker 1.3 available for download

We are pleased to announce that the first stable release of IP.Tracker 1.3, the compatibility release of IP.Board 3.0.0, is now available from IPS Resources.

About IP.Tracker
IP.Tracker is a bug/issue tracking system, it allows members and staff to track certain issues, for examples, bugs within a project you are working on, or even building a house! IP.Tracker supports statuses, severities, and much much more to bring you an extensible Tracker to use however you wish to.

IP.Tracker is provided free of charge to current IPS customers with an active support service. As an IP.Board module, it is offered under the IP.Board License agreement and by downloading this file you acknowledge and agree to this clause. Please note that this free module is not included in your IPS support, is only provided as an extra convenience service, and is not guaranteed in any way.

Expanding upon what was already there
When we originally started 1.3.0, we specifically said that there would not new features, and it was simply a compatibility release to work with IP.Board 3. However, there are several new features which you will find in 1.3.0, some of which are outlined below.

  • Several areas have been changed to fit in with the look and feel of IP.Board 3.0.
  • IP.Tracker now supports the option to return to the issue listing the issue was originally in when replying to an issue.
  • Each status can now have a 'canned message'. If you update a report to a status with a canned message, but do not provide a reply yourself, IP.Tracker will automatically insert this canned message for you.
  • Statuses can now be marked as 'fixed statuses'. If you change the status of a report to a 'fixed status' but forget to fill in the Fixed In version, IP.Tracker will automatically scan the versions for that particular project and mark the fixed in version as the latest version available
  • Each issue now contains its own timeline view. As the name suggests, this view will provide a brief history of the issue. It will outline important changes in the issues history such as status, severity, and version changes. We implemented a change in IP.Tracker 1.2 in preparation of this new view, so that the timeline view has a lot of data to already work from!

We spent an extra few weeks testing and fixing bugs found in IP.Tracker to make sure that the end product is as stable as it can possibly be at this stage, we thank you for your support during the beta process.

Moving on from 1.3.0
As said above, this is the first stable release, and as such there are bound to be bugs. When software leaves testing phases, more people are prepared to use it. The more people that use it in different situations, the more chance bugs will surface. As such, we are aiming to get 1.3.1 out within a few weeks of 1.3.0. 1.3.1 should sort the majority of the issues reported.

From here, IP.Tracker is splitting into two development paths, of which we will post more about nearer the time. It is our intention that later this year, we will expect to release IP.Tracker 1.4.0. There are a few areas in 1.3 which are not integrated fully with IP.Board 3.0.0, for example Tracker still has its own search engine, and still has a few legacy functions coded in. 1.4.0 will be all about removing these particular areas, and utilizing what IP.Board 3 has to offer. Half of the IP.Tracker team will be developing 1.4.

Also starting development at the same time, the other half of the team will start IP.Tracker 2.0, 2.0 promises to be an extremely powerful system and highly configurable. We are hoping to branch out into more of a project management system, providing you with everything you need to completely manage your projects: timelines, discussions, tickets, file management etc. More information will come later this year, and a release is expected next year.

We hope you enjoy the 1.3 series, and of our plans for the future. To read a more detailed change log for IP.Tracker 1.3.0 from RC 2, please read this topic, or to visit the download please click here.

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