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Runar – Development and Consulting

Available Services

  • Plugin Programming
  • Complex App Programming
  • Data Conversion
  • External Integrations
  • Long Term Projects

About My Services

Are you looking for a custom plugin or application, an integration with an external service, moving data between plugins, or any other kind of customization? Look no further!

My name is Runar and I'm a web developer based in Scandinavia. I have close to two decades of web development and server management experience, from both private and professional settings, and I have published several plugins to the Marketplace over the last few years. I'm very familiar with the inner workings of Invision Community. I have also done custom work for clients and managed several high traffic communities.

What I can offer is high quality and efficient work. I pay close attention to detail, not only when it comes to the code itself but also on how my work feels to the client and users. I strive to make my plugins and applications, no matter their purpose, look and feel as integrated parts of Invision Community, and to make sure they are intuitive for everyone to use.

I currently provide plugins and applications, both developing new but also customizing existing resources. This can be a simple plugin to change the way something works, or a more advanced application with completely new and unique functionality. I can also offer guidance on server management, including but not limited to upgrading and securing communities and improving performance.

The quickest way to contact me is by sending me a personal message. I'll get back to you quickly, no matter the request.

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