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About My Services

I'm Morrigan. Long time IPS advocate/power user/theme designer. I've been using IPS since 2007 designing custom themes and pages databases for that amount of time. I've worked with responsive web design and don't mind figure out the kinks/bugs even if its not design related. I worked as an IPS enterprise theme developer for brand matching and developed many themes based on image mockups and PSDs.

I love vibrant colors and unique appearances but can also assist in designing professional projects, or setting up a community and managing it. Additionally I can assist with designing custom graphics & logos.

I am happy to collaborate on with a developer that is able to do the back end development but prefers to leave design to people that create themes.

  • I will give a flat rate quote for a one time theme creation, pages database creation or brand matching starting at 200 dollars depending on complexity or needs of the theme it can go up from there.
  • Long term projects will be an hourly rate only in increments of 30 minute blocks.

If you have questions let me know.

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Jimi Wikman

  • 5

Morrigan is an exceptional theme designer and developer.
I constantly learn new things from her and her designs are breathtaking.


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