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IBSkin has been in business since January 2003 and is one of the oldest and most trusted IPB skinning & themeing companies in the IPS community to date. We make some of the most unique and highly graphical themes and skins for IPB and many other web applications, you'll find anywhere. Visit the IBSkin Portfolio Gallery to view my past works. To see my latest works, just log on to the IBSkin forums to view all our current skins, pre-made and custom, live in action.

We offer custom theme / skin design, CMS (Pages) design and setup, website design, logo design, banner design and we also design themes for wordpress and just about any software out there! For more details and information, please visit our website at www.ibskin.com

You can contact me for hire using the contact link provided here or you can log on the the IBSkin Forums and open a support ticket for custom design. I also offer phone consultations and  support and the phone number will be provided to you once you have contacted me.

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Fantastic attention to detail, Sherri's skins / themes are pure art and first class. Holiday themes are second to none.

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Excellent designs and service.  Designs are graphically heavy in appearance, which adds an amazing look and feel for your users, but also run smoothly and do not experience any heavy loading delays or resources that would be expected of these styles of design.

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This is from a customer who has been with Ibtheme for over 7 years now.

Sorry to have to bring this to your attention but i am fed up of people getting conned out of there hard earned money, i have tried so many times to get Sherri (IBTHEME) to help or respond to people who are having issues but have now given up.

Please do not allow ibtheme.com to sell her themes on your marketplace, so many people have been conned out of their money. People buy a theme but updates are very rare, any issues are never answered by Sherri the developer. She is in fact one of the worst developers i have purchased from and i have been around for many years. If you notice support is always directed to her forum so issues are not shown on this forum, so no one is aware.

There used to be staff helping her on the forums and updating the themes and that was the only way she survived but they have all left due to her repeated excuses and absence. Please don't get drawn into her hard luck story's as that's where she gets help and people feel sorry for her.

If you have any doubts go to her forum and take a look, For about 3-4 years now other members/staff have been helping with support up to February 2020 this year with updates and issues but Sherri took advantage of there kindness and never helped out. Now its all gone totally down hill. 

Her themes where one of the best or were ? but have a lot of issues now and are far to customized to update our self's.

I have since stopped using her themes and gone with another developer, i had no choice as could not renew and she did not even bother to sort that out.

Thanks For listening and hopefully something will be done to stop her selling and taking more money off people.

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