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Found 16 results

  1. Where are the custom blocks that a member can set for his own blog? Are these deleted during the upgrade to 4.0? The Admin can add block widgets, but they are global, and do not relate to the current blog. For example the "Recent Entries" widget shows recent entries for all blogs, not the one you're currently viewing. Blogs 4.0 has gotten severely gimped, it doesn't look like a blog at all - where's the archives, the post calendar, the recent comments (to the current blog), etc etc. Can anyone at IPS confirm that these are coming?
  2. Hi there, I don't see any Block about mini calendar for IPS 4 Blogging. Not in ACP setting, not in Blog section of Global Block manager or not even Calendar section. mini calendar For Blog's entries is really necessary. it's about nature of blogging. why it's removed from IPS 4?
  3. It is kind of shocking just how much got cut out of Blog from the 3.4.x version to 4.0 when you look at the ACP. Tons of settings and options down to 2. I understand the reasoning and it makes sense. I have 4 block requests that should cover the important missing features that we use on our site. "Feature Blog" for Main Forum index page. We do a daily blog on our site and feature it at the top of the index. It works nicely for us. (it exists and works for the blog main listing, which is fine but the option for the forum main listing is far more important to us as it highlights the blog software. Most people don't go there unless prompted by having it in your face.)"My Recent Entries" for display on the blog display level. So, when I look at my block, I want a block on the side that show my latest entries. As it currently works, you can't jump to an entry. This will drive my users nuts and has already been highlighted by testers I've flung at our test server. I know recent entries are listed as part of the blog index, but very few, if any, actually hit the blog index on my site."My Recent Comments" for display on the blog display level. Same reason as above. I want to see the latest comments of just my blog."My Tags" for display on the blog display level. Since you removed categories as an option, and highlighted using tags as the reason, if I recall, I think it would be useful to list tags here with perhaps a count of topics covered under that tag?All the other stuff that got cut from customization to trackbacks makes sense to me. No one could figure out custom blog themes on my site anyway. And Trackbacks were 100% spam and shut off a long, long time ago.
  4. I’m looking for blogs permission settings; on the module's itself i can select who can access the module; but that’s as far as it goes, i can see that different groups have different permissions for blogs; i can’t find them anywhere; not under the module permissions tab or the blog settings area, anyone knows where these permissions are hiding in IPS4?
  5. Hello ! I have a blog on an IPB community, version 3.4.8. Let's call it blog 1. I have just started another blog on another IPB community, version 4. Let's call it blog 2. Is there a way to have blog 2 displaying all the entries which have been published in blog 1 ? I thought I would find a "external link" option in IPB 4 ACP to redirect members to my old blog, but I didn't find it. Can RSS do this ? If yes, do you know a goog tutorial which show how to set this up on IPB ?(I don't understand anything to RSS...) Thank you.
  6. I've enabled "Force posted links to open in new windows?" in Posts settings. But all the links are openening in same windows. Anyone know how to let links open in new windows in Blog posts?
  7. Hi! Just upgraded to 4.0.8 and I'm hoping someone can assist me in making my "Blogs" page look a bit prettier. The background -- as a physics teacher, I have many students who keep a blog as a running record of their thoughts and applications of principles from the classroom to real-world situations. This leads to hundreds of individual blogs on my site. With the new 4.0.8 blog screen, though, things look pretty ugly with all the stats to the left of the blogs (http://aplusphysics.com/community/index.php?/blogs/) Any experts out there who can provide some hints / tips into cleaning that up? I'm really not sure how to adjust the "look" of items like the Blogs page in the new IPB 4.x world. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  8. File Name: SpamTrawler Integration File Submitter: spamtrawler File Submitted: 05 Jun 2014 File Category: Integration Supported Versions: IP.Blog 2.6.x, IP.Board 3.1.x, IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x, IP.Content 2.3.x SpamTrawler Traffic Management and Security Suite - Integration Founded in 2010 we have been working with customers using a wide range of CMS, Social Networking and Blogging platforms like SocialEngine, Wordpress and PHPfox. Over these years SpamTrawler has evolved from a simple "IP and Country blacklist" into a fully featured product assisting administrators with a variety of otherwise tedious and frustrating daily tasks. The suite consists of various reporting, filter and scan functionalities which help administrators keeping their websites clean from undesired traffic/content (spam) and unapproved file-system modifications. While some of our customers have already been using SpamTrawler with their IPB powered websites, we have decided it is now time to release an official hook providing a convenient way of integration and control. This hook integrates an existing SpamTrawler installation into your instance of IPB Please find a short overview of the functionality included with SpamTrawler below. Statistics SpamTrawler’s admin dashboard contains a variety of charts and statistics giving administrators a deep insight into how the firewall is performing. Firewall Enables administrators to shape traffic to their requirements and prevent access to known and emerging offenders. The firewall consists of the following pre-integrated filters: URL Parameter Country (Allow and Deny mode, possibility to use either MaxMind or IP2Location databses) IP (Local black-/grey-/whitelist as well as a community maintained blacklist) IP Ranges (Local Black-/Whitelist) Hostname (Black-/Whitelist) Organization (MaxMind IP2Organization database required) Character Set (Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic) Honeypot Fields (Monitors hidden form fields for content) User agent Referrer Username Intrusion Detection (Based on PHPIDS) Email (Local and community maintained blacklist and limiting of digits) ProjectHoneypot DNSBL URLBL Google SafeBrowsing Hooks (Pre-packed hooks: Stop Forum Spam & CleanTalk) Selective Captcha (Can be activated/deactivated by filter and or GeoLocation) Actions to be taken by the firewall for blocked visitors can be chosen from:Exit (With freely definable exit message via WYSIWYG editor including placeholders) Redirect SetConstant (In order to process blocked users by custom functionality in the respective host system) 403 Error (Access Denied) Server Overload Protection SpamTrawler provides an overload protection feature to protect the web server from overload situations. A typical form of overload protection/load regulation is to reject further requests when the load increases. Available actions are:Exit (With freely definable exit message via WYSIWYG editor) Redirect Skip SpamTrawler (Firewall is not executed) Maintenance Mode Enables administrators to set an exit message or redirect visitors to a freely definable URL for all sites protected by the same SpamTrawler installation. File Integrity Enables administrators to continuously monitor and assess file system integrity preventing unwanted modifications, deletions and additions. The "File Integrity Section" consists of the following functionality:File System Signatures (Create and Compare) Find Files by Content Find Files by Name Find Files Modified within the last 24 hours Check Permissions Virus Scanner (ClamAV wrapper) Malware Scanner (Linux Malware Detect wrapper) These functionalities can be used wither manually from within the SpamTrawler admin panel or automated via cron jobs using SpamTrawler’s API Maps Gives a geographical traffic overview using Google Maps A few words on performance SpamTrawler is in use on approximately 900 websites some of which receiving large amounts of traffic without known performance issues. This is due to the extensive use of caching mechanisms keeping database interaction and latency at a minimum. Once filtered, subsequent visits do not require database interaction for a freely definable amount of time (Cache Timeout) Caching can be configured to use any of the following back ends:FileSystem (Standard) Memcached (Enables usage in load balanced environments) APC XCache SQLite Blackhole (No Caching, can be used in load balanced environments) Support Note This hook as well as SpamTrawler are supported via our forums and support ticket system. This hook is provided for the convenience of customers to integrate a pre-existing installation of SpamTrawler into their IPB powered websites. While this hook is offered for free, SpamTrawler itself is not free software and is available separately via our website here to download this file
  9. . This little icon that you find everywhere on your board, in default setting, your board will allow GUESTS to send emails at random from your server .. This means : any sender email address can be used ( no restrictions, let your imagination work ( would be nice to hear some ideas!! ) drugs@forfree dot com ) "Subject" field can be changed in whatever ............... "Message" is a full editor .. links, pictures, .. spam can be send from your board without you knowing .. Because it is not really a bug .. the settings are there to change it easily .. but this is a serious vulnerability .. you open up your server to send out whatever malicious emails with your board logo/name on top .. your (mail) domain can be blacklisted in no time without you even know what happened .. there is no log or anything .. Other member groups, besides "guests", use the proper member/account email. I've checked a few websites here on the IPS (signature links) and many forgot about this one .. it should be set properly .. ASAP. System > Sharing Change to : .
  10. Hi I would really like the ability to migrate a thread and all replies into a blog with comments. Is this something you plan on implementing? Thanks
  11. Hi, IPS 4.0.2 don't work polls in blogs nobody can't vote members have enable Polls permisions
  12. I'd like to see support for per blog permissions, ability to rate and comment in IPS4, currently its only per group. I'm a bit surprised such functionality is not there unless i'm missing something? Other modules have equivalent functionality so why not blogs? It significantly limits IPS4 capability in my setup.
  13. Using 4.0 with blogs is it possible to move the blog Name/group and statistics to the right side of the page, instead of having it on the left, or would this require a skin edit?
  14. How do I move the sidebar to the left in the blogs like here? Also, how is the "Featured Blog Entries" done?
  15. File name: RealStats Submitter: Marcher Technologies Submitted: 08/06/2012 Category: User and Social Engagement Demo : http://www.marchertech.com/board/stats/ Discussion URL : Supported Versions: 2,6,14,17,21 Support Info : Support Topic This Is A Fully-Featured Statistics Application offering At-A-Glance Quick Statistics, In-Depth Statistics By Installed and Enabled Application with an extensible interface to add more applications, and A Clean Ajax-powered Frontend. Control who may view the aplication with groups configuration, including secondaries. The Ability to Cache the results sets processed but *not* the HTML is provided. Disable Plugins at whim. Mobile Skin Support. Control how many items are shown in all 'top' 'feeds' from the 'minimal' 1, to the fairly heavy(without caching) 25. Control Truncation of these statistic 'content' item lengths shown for the application(members blocks are not affected). Translate Tabs Separately from the Application Title, if desired. Translate the H1 tag of 'Tab' pages Separately, if desired. The Application Tab's Dynamic Updating of the title, h1 tag and breadcrumbs without page refresh will be honored in these cases At this time, Forums, Downloads, Content, Blogs, and Members Statistics Extensions are provided. Stats Include: Forums: Total Posts Total Replies Total Topics Average Posts Per Day Average Replies Per Day Average Topics Per Day Total Categories Total Boards Top Boards By Topics(Respects Permissions)* Top Boards By Replies(Respects Permissions)* Top Topics By Replies(Respects Permissions)* Top Topics By Views(Respects Permissions)* Top Topics By Rating(Respects Permissions)* Top Posters(Respects Permissions)* Members: Most Online Time Most Online Count Total Members Latest Member Average Registrations Per Day Downloads: Total Files Total Categories Total Downloads Average Files Per Day Average Downloads Per Day Latest Author Latest File Top Categories By Files(Respects Permissions)* Top Categories By Views(Respects Permissions)* Top Categories By Downloads(Respects Permissions)* Top Files By Views(Respects Permissions)* Top Files By Downloads(Respects Permissions)* Top Files By Rating(Respects Permissions)* Top Authors By Download(Respects Permissions)* Content: Counts of Database Categories and Records(Respects Permissions)* Top Databases By Submission(Respects Permissions)* Top Categories By Submission(Respects Permissions)* Top Submissions By Views(Respects Permissions)* Top Submissions By Comments(Respects Permissions)* Top Submissions By Rating(Respects Permissions)* Top Authors By Submissions(Respects Permissions)* Blogs: Total Blogs Total Entries Total Comments Average Blogs Per Day Average Entries Per Day Average Comments Per Day Latest Blogger Latest Blog Top Blogs By View(Respects Permissions)* Top Blogs By Comments(Respects Permissions)* Top Blogs By Rating(Respects Permissions)* Top Entries By View(Respects Permissions)* Top Entries By Comments(Respects Permissions)* Top Entries By Rating(Respects Permissions)* Top Bloggers By Entries Gallery 5.0.2+** Total Categories Total Albums Total Images Total Comments Total Views Total Gallery Size Average Albums Per Day Average Images Per Day Average Comments Per Day Average Views Per Day Average Space Used Per Day Top Categories By Albums(Respects Permissions)* Top Categories By Images(Respects Permissions)* Top Categories By Comments(Respects Permissions)* Top Albums By Images(Respects Permissions)* Top Albums By Comments(Respects Permissions)* Top Images By Views(Respects Permissions)* Top Images By Comments(Respects Permissions)* Top Images By Rating(Respects Permissions)* Top Uploaders **You may use this application with a lower Gallery version installed, due to a furl bug, this statistics extension only supports Gallery 5.0.2+ and thus the tab and plug-in file will be disabled on a lower version.* If you do not disable application caching, these will respect the permissions of the user to trigger the cache when pulling result sets for application tabs for the time specified in settings.This does not affect any custom checks or parsing done in templates, merely a minimal necessary data used in the templates from the generated results are stored to be passed back to the templates from cache. View File
  16. I noticed on the main blog page i.e. www.yoursite.com/blogs/ that BBCodes display on the previews just fine. But when you goto a persons blog i.e. www.yoursite.com/blogs/blog/1-admin, previews of each entry BBCodes are now stripped. Seemed a bit weird to me, one and not both or stripped on the main and not stripped on the individual would have made more sense to me. And we're just talking the most basic BBCode like images, links, bold, and italic.
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