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Found 8 results

  1. I'd like to see a default block for articles that pulls like "Category 2 column image feature" Shows the article image and title only Thanks
  2. Can we have the ability to only offer products to certian member groups and not just hide them from specific groups. Reason. We have a yearly membership to our site and each year we have a number of competitions. We sell entry to these competitions. Some of the competitions are only available for the yearly members group. So when a normal member visits a product where they need to be a yearly member I would like them to be advised they must buy the yearly membership before they can proceed.
  3. Our Forums use a number of custom member profile fields. A large part of our site revolves around the Member Profiles providing a detailed description of that member and their interests with all our members being able to browse/search the member list. As we have close to 10,000 members it is essential that it is possible to restrict or narrow a search of the member list to certain specific criteria such as Suburb – Interest or one of or a combination of any of the other member profile fields we use. We have been using IPB since early 2006 and up until version 4 our members were always able to search the Member List using whatever Member Profile Fields they wished or any combination of fields to narrow their search to a specific criteria. From within the Admin CP when searching the Member List, Admin still have this form of search available to them while the search options available to the general membership are now very limited in version 4. With our members being used to having the type of member search that has always been available to them in versions prior to version 4 we have been getting many complaints from our members regarding the Member Search Tool asking why they no longer have the search options they previously had. Our entire membership would greatly appreciate the return of the Member Search options that were available in previous versions and is now only available to Admin from within the Admin CP. We would also very much appreciated it as well so that we don’t have to keep explaining when replying that we can not say why these options are no longer available and apologising for the Member Search options now being as limited as they are. While the return of the Member Search options as they were in previous versions and are now only available to Admin, we have also been getting many questions from our members regarding what they see as a problem with the current member search tool. It is not possible to just use the optional search options or combination of options to narrow a search to just those members who meet that criteria without also entering a SEARCH TERM. Even if just that was possible that would be a definite plus. We really have no idea of how our site rates compared to others regarding the number of members (we are nearing 10,000) but if we are getting these types of questions from our members we are sure others must be as well. We will be keeping our fingers crossed that future versions/upgrades include an improvement to the Member Search Tool.
  4. Notifications for upvotes/helpful votes. Question forums or Helpful votes in reviews, both are upvotes that could be tied to the notification system. ______ found your review helpful. ______ upvoted your answer/question. You could lump them in with the Likes setting for notifications. Setting: Someone 'likes' something I posted or votes it up or helpful. These are currently anonymous though. This would either mean they are no longer anonymous, or, it does not tell you who. A member found your review helpful. A member upvoted your answer/question. (Could even include downvote, better if still anonymous) Having these votes count toward rep was a separate suggestion.
  5. I really appreciate the hard work that IPS are doing to transition through the gears with frequent releases. However, the changes to the navigation structure have not been very well thought through and like a lot of the IPS updates, the UX and design is very much a desktop first approach as opposed to mobile. It's beginning to look very dated already. With over 50% of traffic on mobile, it really needs to be the other way round. Nowadays, it's all about simplification rather than adding every bell and whistle under the sun and making the system so complicated that it turns off our community - that is real feedback from our live forum. Anyway, a good example of this is the navigation structure which forces a drop-down off every main nav item. If there isn't a drop-down (like most menu items) you get a big blank bar which is crazy. Drop-downs are basically a 'no no' these days on mobile - nav needs to be kept super simple but with IPS and the activity streams, we have now have a 3 tier menu system which is hard to use at the best of times. It would be great if IPS could focus on mobile as a top priority - it's a lot more important than introducing new features because until that structure is right, we will end up with some very confused communities. The gallery module is another example of an area of the suite that is unusable on mobile, but that has so many issues, it's best left for a different thread. Screenshot attached. Thanks, Si
  6. Currently, you restrict it exclusively to the PM starter, but moderators and potentially other participants too should be able to remove members from a PM (actually, probably not other participants, but certainly moderators).
  7. Since there is the logical bug in the Commerce applictation when the cart is emptied during the checkout process if the checkout was cancelled by the customer or if there was the connection problem, and IPS support does not consider this the bug in the bug tracker, I am offering the new feature: Add to Favorites. The customer will be adble to add the product to the special Favorites folder in his control panel for the consequent review and purchase.
  8. Please, add option to embed external links in the form of nice blocks. You alredy have this blocks for internal links: Here is the video how this is working on other site: This option should have settings for ajusting permissions on per groups basis and may be white/black list of domains.
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