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Found 46 results

  1. File name: (SD) Sales Portal Pro Submitter: Spanner Submitted: 01/02/2014 Category: Commerce Discussion URL : http://www.ipsbeyond.pl/topic/8523-aplikacje-sd-sales-portal-pro/ Support Info: support topic, premium supprt from app!! Supported Versions: IP.Blog 2.4.x Author: Dawid Baruch (IPSBeyond.pl) Description: Application allows to create professional sales platform Application (SD) Sales Portal Pro is a professional sales platform on which users can sell items like on ebay.com. Full functionallity is availiable with IP.Nexus Functions: Abbility to create categories tree with dedicated permission to every category Abbility to create diferent packages Abbility to get commistion from sels item Abbility to define custom fields for categories Abbility to generate topics from offers in selected category Abbility to create FAQ Abbility to sell many items in the same time Abbility to create access restrictions Archive old offers Searching offers Abbility to comment auction Full text search No comment permission when offer is in archive Abbility to avoid mod queue Abbility to buy without IP.Nexus Abbility to rebuild all categories Abbility to choose to require: price, images and quantity per category Abbility to add purchase in ACP on IP.Nexus purchases Abbility to add fields showing after purchase Menu showing on all pages Abbility to manage all own purchases Abbility to count field views in offer Statistics (offer, counting fields) Shipping methods Comments after purchase Automatic resizing images Abbility to add own tracking code Advanced restrictions for all IPS applications Abbility to create restriction for any application Abbility to import offers Abbility to renew offers in mass Pagination on home page Abbility to add news Abbility to create custom blocks Simple advert module Generating Google sitemap RSS with latest offers Support (SD) Newsletter Functionality "Price proposal" Information about amount of comments in offer view Event logs Abbility to move offers in mass Abbility to un-approve approved offer Confirm message when ending offer manually Abbility to bump offer Quick navigation Abbility to create auction Abbility to duplicate offer Abbility to limit images per offer Media tag Abbility to end offer manually with choosing winner Support premium IP.Content block Auto-bid Abbility to sell files View File
  2. View File Category Tabs by IPS Themes Category tabs is a simple hook that will convert all or specific forum categories into a tabular style layout. Clicking a tab will hide the current category and then instantly load the new one. This hook utilises Javascript to power the switching but also degrades nicely if Javascript is disabled. Example Themes Features [*]Six unique themes to choose from [*]Choose which groups have access to Category tabs. [*]Assign specific categories to tabs.NEW [*]Align the tabs left, right or center.NEW [*]Easily create your own tab themes. [*]Custom style builder via the hook settings.NEW Coming Soon [*]More themes. Submitter Tom Christian Submitted 06/19/2013 Category Look and Feel Supported Versions  
  3. Adriano Faria

    Delete My Account

    File Name: Delete My Account File Submitter: Adriano Faria File Submitted: 15 Oct 2013 File Category: Utilities Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x This hook will allow users from specific user groups to request to delete their account. All requests will be reviewed by Moderating Team (admins and supermoderators), directly on ModeratorCP -> Manage Members -> Delete Accounts tab, to approve or deny the request. The whole content from user (topics, posts, attachments, polls, etc) will be preserved; only the account will be deleted. Features: Admins can choose which user groups can request delete account and how many posts a user must have to do it Users can request to delete their accouts directly on User Control Panel (My Settings) Them Moderation team will review each request to approve it or deny it on Moderator CP (new tab on Manage Members) A Global message will be displayed to warn Moderating Team when there's a new request A Notification will be sent to Moderating Team when there's a new request Each action of Moderating Team (approve or deny a request) is logged on Admin Logs here to download this file
  4. Adriano Faria

    Pay to Pin Topics

    File Name: Pay to Pin Topics File Submitter: Adriano Faria File Submitted: 01 Aug 2014 File Category: Commerce Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x, IP.Nexus 1.5.x This application will help admins to monetize their boards by allowing users to pin topics for a given number of days. Admin can allow topics to be pinned per forum and per group settings. Each forum will have 5 options to user choose and each option will have its own value to be pinned: Pin topic for 7 days Pin topic for 15 days Pin topic for 30 days Pin topic for 60 days Pin topic for 90 days Restrictions per group:Minimum number of posts to submit pin requests Minimum number of reputation points/likes to submit pin requests Minimum number of days as member to submit pin requests Payment Processors:Paypal Nexus Invoice (admin can choose a specific payment gateway) Manage Topics Admin CP moduleAdmins can pin topics for X days Admins can unpin topics Settings:Payment Type (Paypal or Nexus) Paypal Settings (Currency Code and Paypal email address) Nexus Settings: Payment Gateway Debug Log: Write to debug log Allow to pin LOCKED topics? Only topic authors can pin the topic? Warning Message on viewing prices screen Log:A task will run daily to unpin topics and will be logged on Scheduler Logs. here to download this file
  5. Since 4 years the Middle east visitors only take care about Facebook and twitter , that is why now a days they don't care much more about the forums (any kind of forums like vbulletin or invision power ) , the vbulletin team realize this fact that is why their integration with the social media specially Facebook was great because the users now able to update their walls with their posts in the vbulletin board ( there is limitation in the invision power , it is only allowed to post a summary of the new topic to the wall , but for the other posts it is not possible to update my wall directly with the full topic) we need the invision power team take care about this point and give us the ability to make our posts completely posted to the facebook pages and Facebook account walls and LinkedIn and twitter and Google plus , the next age the people having such forums will strive to keep themselves well ranked , and it is obvious that the people preferences now tend to use the social media more than the boards like vbulletin and invision power or any kind because they have trust on the social media and it is more stable and its durability is very high compared to the small websites using the forums software. I hope the team of invision power realize this fact and I hope the next invision power version 4 will take care about this features required and increase their integration with the social media so we can convent the visitors to share their knowledge through our websites. Best regards
  6. IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter

    SV Auto Meta Description

    SV Auto Meta Description View File Avoid identical meta descriptions on all of your topics and forums! This hook supports you in SEO by replacing default meta description with automaticly retrieved description snippet from topic's post, forum's description and member's profile. Benefits: More unique Meta Descriptions Reduces Duplicate Content Respects Permissions Shows global Description when user/guest has no access to topic or forum Fallback Routine Apps or Areas currently not supported (e.g. Gallery) will show global Meta Description No Settings, plugin follows latest SEO recommendations and decides for best way for optimization. Installation: Download File and unzip XML file Go to Admin CP -> Manage Hooks -> Install Hook. Upload downloaded XML File Deinstallation: Go to Admin CP -> Manage Hooks Click on Arrow Menu for Hook and select "Uninstall Hook" Submitter IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter Submitted 09/24/2014 Category Promotion Supported Versions
  7. Romanian Language Pack IPB3 View File To keep the translation updated, I need someone that can give me access to their ACP to translate. Thanks! Here you find the Romanian language for IP.Board (Aici gasesti traducerea in Limba Romana pentru IP.Board) Info's: Translation created with support from roStyles.com Translation phrases: Over 20.000 phrases Content: System Forums Members Chat Calendar Downloads Nexus Content Terms of Usage: Please do report any issues found to be fixed asap Please do not redistribute or re-post this pack elsewhere FAQ: Q: How can I install the language? A: http://www.rostyles.com/articles.html/records/language-packs-install/language-pack-install-r3/ Q: Having trouble installing the language? A: Sent me a PM with your site link with admin access with password and I will install the language for you (FREE). Contributions: Teascu Dorin - Founder of roStyles.com donpetru - From Tehnium-Azi.ro Tony - From InvisionPower.ro Demos: http://www.nissanforum.ro http://intrusii.ro/forum http://facifraguri.ro/forum http://omulintreingersidemon.ro http://www.invisionpower.ro http://jkaromania.ro/forum http://joincs.ro/forum http://www.tehnium-azi.ro http://benzforum.ro/lowfamilia http://clubwebmasters.net http://dsquad.ro Submitter Teascu Dorin Submitted 10/28/2014 Category Language Packs Supported Versions  
  8. We've purchased a 3d party email template to use in our bulk malings. This also contains an "unsubscribe here" footer. When sending bulk mails via the ACP we put a checkmark next to "HTML" and we press the "send mail in HTML format"-button. Whatever we try, IPB seems to add an "unsubscribe" link (which doesn't seem to be in a language pack either, so we can't change that term). But more importantly: it is just being added at the bottom. We want to use that URL IN our html. There doesn't seem to be a variable available containg the link. I can imagine you want to impose an unsubscription link. But in that case I'd suggest you add the variable, and if the variable isn't found in the HTML you add it automatically at the bottom. But perhaps you know another way to achieve the same. So, to wrap things up: please add the {unsubscribe}-variable when pressing the "variables"-button in the bulk mail window. I'd suggest to only return the link. This way it can be used in a flexible way. Work around For people who might want to do use a custom unsubscribe link right away: Invision Support told me the following: {unsubscribe} isn't shown as variable, but it is functioning! bulk mail uses the emailWrapper template manageable from your Admin Panel > Look & Feel > Manage System Templates, so the hard link can be removed there.
  9. ComplexFS


    File name: Venom Submitter: Ignited Submitted: 04/18/2014 Category: Look and Feel Discussion URL : Support Info: I will do my best to keep it updated as much as possible and fix bugs as Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x Features: Font awesome icons in navbar.Forum hovering color changing.Rotating avatars.Latest IPB version.Animated logo shaking.Animated scrolling header background.Colored scrollbars to match the skin "only on chrome".Also affordable.This skin is based off the default IPB skin and should be compatible with most if not all hooks and apps. This is also part of my first set of skins, issues are expected and i will do my best to find and fix issues as fast as possible when i have time. View File
  10. sijad


    File name: joomlabridge Submitter: sijad Submitted: 03/21/2013 Category: Integration Discussion URL : https://github.com/skinod/joomlabridge Support Info: Github issues section, https://github.com/skinod/joomlabridge Supported Versions: IP.Blog 2.4.x Joomla bridge for IPB joomla users can login to ip.board with their username or email Tested in ipb 3.4+ and joomla 2+ *it's just for ipb side and not for joomla because Dmitry Chernov made that already: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/extension/access-a-security/site-access/ip-board-login View File
  11. Hello, i would suggest to show any content for author that is in queue. Flagging that content into queue :) To have much "feedback" between moderators and users!
  12. View File [XI] Server Management [XI.34] Server Management [XI.34] Server Management is an application aimed at gaming communities. The core feature is to share information about the servers you run to your members and player base. The secondary feature is share credential information to select groups on your website. Core Features: Live server querying for online players and the current mapDedicated server list and credential list pagesCredential manager for sharing specific passwords with website groups per serverIP.Content and board index hook for server list displayMultiple themes for server list display so you can select what fits your website bestMap image retrieval and management using GameTrackerServer country flag display using GeoIPOption to use hostnames rather than IP addressesInstant join icons for voice servers and Steam supported gamesHLSW and Xfire bookmarking integrationBigBrotherBot Repository manager for viewing of server chat logs (Beta)This application uses two external utilities:Game Query Library: https://github.com/Austinb/GameQGeoIP Library: http://www.maxmind.com/en/geolocation_landingYou should ensure that these utilities run on your server before purchasing.Brought to you by the XtremeIdiots Gaming Community Update Notes: Please take a backup of your server management database tables before updating to ensure there is no loss of data. Submitter Rugger Submitted 10/23/2013 Category User and Social Engagement Discussion URL Support Info <p>I will give support via this forum or additionally I can be contacted through my main forums xtremeidiots.com</p> Supported Versions IP.Board 3.4.x
  13. File Name: ACP Login Background Chooser by IPS Themes File Submitter: Tom Christian File Submitted: 12 Nov 2012 File Category: Look and Feel Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x This simple script allows you to add a custom background image to the admin login page. Your choice is saved in a cookie and will display on all future visits. Installation Refer to 'readme.html' for installation instructions. Upload the contents of the 'upload' folder and then to install the hook, simply import the acpLoginBg.xml file. Configuration Edit the included javascript file to configure the script to your needs. Custom logo Within the javascript configuration, enable the 'enableTitleText' option which will remove the IPS logo and allow you to add a custom title to the admin login page. Copyright Removal Purchase a copyright removal license here in order to remove the 'By Tom Christian' copyright. Support As this is a free file, I will not be offering my usual level of support like with my premium themes. I will however, fix any reported bugs. here to download this file
  14. View File Steam Profile Integration (3.4.x) IPS Community 4.1.x version available here. This hook will obtain data from Steam for your users and place it in your IP.Board database for use anywhere on your site. Your board will re-load your members Steam information, in batches, every 15 minutes, time can be changed, so you always have up to date information without impacting load times of your community pages. This hook, out of the box, will display steam information in the following places Member Profile userInfoPane (Next to all of their posts) Board Index IP.Content page (IP.Content Block included) Member Hovercards (Steam Online Status only) More detailed information about the members Steam profile are displayed on the Members Profile page. Including an optional list of games the member owns. Out of the box the list of games can be shown in either an image grid layout, or list view. If you'd like to see other layouts, let me know or tweak the templates to your liking. This hook integrates seamlessly with Lavo's Sign in through Steam.. It will automatically detect if it is installed and pull that users information. Don't have Lavo's sign in installed? No problem, this hook works with a Custom Profile field also. Want to use both a custom profile field AND Lavo's hook? Not a problem, this hook seamlessly pulls information from both locations to create a single list of users to pull information. Valid Steam Input format for Custom Profile Field: Steam Name: ex. ' Aiwa ' 17 digit Steam ID: ex. 76561197964468370 Old school Steam ID: ex. STEAM_0:0:2101321 If there are any other places you'd like to see a users steam information displayed, let me know. It's a very simple matter to output this data on other parts of your IPS Community. In order for this hook to pull your information, your Steam profile status must be set to Public. For support, please create an account then submit a ticket. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Aiwa http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964468370 Submitter Aiwa Submitted 11/27/2013 Category User and Social Engagement Supported Versions
  15. View File Topic Thumbnail for IPB 3.x This version only supports IPB 3.4.x. Another version for IPS 4.x here. This application can displays thumbnails of topics on the main forum view. Topic's authors or member groups that you specify can change the thumbnails. Main features: - Automatically takes an image from the first post of topic and display it as a topic thumbnail. - Topic's authors or member groups that you specify can change thumnail by clicking on the thumbnail and choosing an image from topic or from URL. Displaying thumbnails in forums view, search results, view new contents. - Preview image when hover the thumbnail. - Set thumbnail width and height for each forum. - Option to show topics in a forum as a gallery. Submitter onlyME Submitted 10/15/2012 Category Promotion Supported Versions
  16. Donkerrood

    Cookie Bar

    View File Cookie Bar Due to the cookie laws in the EU, here is a hook that shows you the bar at the top of your site that you see at so many other sites, asking your users to accept the use of cookies. You also have the option to block the use of your site until a user has accepted the use of cookies, but this will potentially affect your site's position in search engine rankings and might scare users away. As of version 1.0.1, the Cookie Bar will no longer be shown to search engines. NOTE: You yourself are responsible to ensure for your own jurisdiction whether using this hook makes you compliant with the laws that apply to you. Providing you with this hook does not imply any legal advice.Blocking the use of (blacking out) your site, does not prevent from any cookies being written by the invision software or third parties.Features Reset the acceptance by changing the acceptance key (e.g. if you made a major change to your privacy policy).You can adjust the language of the hook through the included language bits.You can choose whether or not you want to blackout the rest of your site until a visitor has accepted the use of cookies.Does not show if the visitor is a search engine spider.Any further suggestions are appreciated and I might include these in a future release of this hook. Install Upload all files and install the .xml as a hook. Donate This hook is free to use. But if you would like to support this hook's development you can donate here: Fix for duplicate bar showing in custom skins In your skin template files go to 'cookieBar' under Global Templates and replace the lines in the first block with the lines in the second code block below. <div class="message" id="cookiePlaceholder"> <a class="input_submit">{$this->lang->words['cookieBarAccept']}</a> </div> <div class="message" id="cookiePlaceholder" style="display:none;"> </div> Submitter Donkerrood Submitted 08/17/2012 Category Utilities Discussion URL Support Info <p>Please use the support topic for support.</p> Supported Versions IP.Blog 2.4.x
  17. View File (SD) Company Directory Author: Dawid Baruch (IPSBeyond.pl) Opis: Aplikacja ta jest katalogiem firm pozwalającym dodawać użytkownikom nieskończenie wiele firm do katalogu. Dodatkowo może do profilu dołączyć zdjęcia np. z wyglądem biura, lub sklepu. Wszystkie firmy umieszczane są na mapie Google’a, która także jest widoczna w profilu danej firmy. Katalog daje także możliwość obserwowania profili lub całych miast, dzięki czemu jeśli firma dokona zmianę lub zostanie dodana nowa firma dostaniemy taką informację na email i/lub prywatną wiadomość i/lub w postaci notyfikacji. Aplikacja posiada także możliwość komentowania profilów oraz oceniania zarówno profilów jak i komentarzy. Profile oceniamy przy użyciu gwiazdek ale możemy także dodatkowo punktami reputacji. Istnieje możliwość dodania wpisu sponsorowanego, który jest płatny. Do działania tej funkcjonalności niezbędny jest dodatek IP.Nexus. Dodatkowa funkcjonalność: Możliwość definiowania własnych pół dla profiliMożliwość dodawania firm na całym świecieMożliwość oceniania firm różnymi kryteriami oraz opiniowaniaAplikacja do poprawnego działania wymaga IonCube'a zainstalowanego na serwerze Description: This application allows to create company profiles. To profile you can upload images showing our shop, office etc. When we create profile we mark it on google maps. We can follow profile or town and then we receive notification when user makes changes. Application allows to comment company profile and rate profile and comments. We can rate profile using stars and included to IP.Board reputation system. We can add sponsored profile, payments use IP.Nexus. Additional Functions: Custom profile fieldsCustom opinion fieldsAbbility to add company in all countries of the worldAbbility to rate company using company opinions Błędy/Bugs: http://www.portal.ipsbeyond.pl/bugs.html/_/company-directory/ After upgrade to version 2.3.0 you must set up category permission Submitter Spanner Submitted 01/05/2013 Category Commerce Discussion URL http://www.ipsbeyond.pl/firmy/ Support Info <p>topic, premium support in application</p> Supported Versions IP.Board 3.3.x,IP.Board 3.4.x
  18. Hello. I've read topics related to the Hashtags. I think it is not interesting this feature exist in environment of community. But if Hashtag could only be used in Status Feeds is very awesome. This kind of status that use a same hashtag, can be Listed and be followed by those who have an interest that hashtag. I hope this feature in [4.0] can be seen. Thanks.
  19. I wanted to ask if it will be possible to integrate a icon "not permission" such as "password forums" that icon must be "fa-eye-slash". i have made with a >hook that check view permission easy: <if test="!$this->registry->getClass('class_forums')->forumsCheckAccess( $forum_data['id'], 0, 'forum', $forum_data, true )"> <i class="fa fa-eye-slash" data-tooltip="{$forum_data['permission_custom_error']}"></i> <else /> <i class="fa fa-comments"></i> </if> this is for forums... but that is possible already also with topic. ($forum_data['permission_custom_error'] = "custom message setted on forum configs")
  20. Kyrremann

    Timestamp in IP Chat

    I'm really missing a timestamp in IP Chat. Would it be possible to add this in a near feature? For now I've edited the JS and prefixing a timestamp for each message that is sent.
  21. BomAleold

    Display Group History

    Into profile there are already a "Display name history" i request this feature for group changed into the past... this is useful for type of automatic promote groups, or simple for moderator or admin (I show already it on acp) to inspect they abearance inside the site! please if any other here like it, give a "like" below for "support" this purpose!
  22. The only difference between my two groups is that one can create topics and one can't, so if someone in the limited group tries to create a topic they find themselves unable to do so even though they have enough posts to be in the full group — because the check is only done after a successful post. So some users are just confused about being unable to create a topic. It seems to me like the underlying mechanism for this should do the check/promotion before deciding whether or not the user can perform a certain action.
  23. View File Apple App Store BBCode This BBCode allows your members the ability to share Apple App Store Applications on your community! Submitter Aiwa Submitted 03/08/2014 Category User and Social Engagement Supported Versions  
  24. Shoutbox 1.4.x Russian Language Pack + Extra View File Shoutbox 1.4.x Russian Language Pack + Extra Shoutbox 1.4.x - Russian language translation + extra - professional translation, adapted and revised. Fully translated ACP and the public part. Added translation of ACP sections, which are not translated through the standard menu language translation strings. Shoutbox is fully localized now. Shoutbox 1.4.x русский языковой перевод + дополнительно Shoutbox 1.4.x русский языковой перевод + дополнительно - профессиональный перевод, адаптированный и пересмотренный. Полностью переведены админцентр и публичная часть. Добавлен перевод разделов админцентра, которые не переводятся через стандартное меню перевода языковых строк. То есть получилась полная локализация аддона. Всё, что относится к данному аддону, переведено. Все переводы автора и пояснение: Отличительной особенностью всех моих переводов является отсутствие какого-либо вмешательства в программный код продуктов IPS. Я делаю только перевод во всех местах, где это возможно. Это исключает проблемы при установке обновлений и критических обновлений безопасности от IPS. Submitter कृष्णा Submitted 09/03/2014 Category Language Packs Supported Versions
  25. View File [IP.Board 3.4] Invite System This hook will make your board only accept new registrations from users who have received an invite. Features Number of posts a member must make to gain an invite Number of days to expire the invite User groups who can invite User groups who has unlimited invites Intregrated to Mailchimps: when someone subscribes to your list, will receive an invite to your board Copyright Note This hook is an upgrade of INVITE SYSTEM for IP.Board 3.0.X, by beeman. Submitter Adriano Faria Submitted 07/22/2013 Category User and Social Engagement Supported Versions