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  1. File name: (SD) Sales Portal Pro Submitter: Spanner Submitted: 01/02/2014 Category: Commerce Discussion URL : http://www.ipsbeyond.pl/topic/8523-aplikacje-sd-sales-portal-pro/ Support Info: support topic, premium supprt from app!! Supported Versions: IP.Blog 2.4.x Author: Dawid Baruch (IPSBeyond.pl) Description: Application allows to create professional sales platform Application (SD) Sales Portal Pro is a professional sales platform on which users can sell items like on ebay.com. Full functionallity is availiable with IP.Nexus Functions: Abbili
  2. View File Anti-Spam IPB3 No CAPTCHA, no questions, no counting animals, no puzzles, no math. No spam bots signups, no spam bots posts. Hook uses invisible tests to stop spam bots at the IP.Board. Anti-spam features of the hook Stop spam bots at registrations. Stop spam bots at the topics. Allow guest posting on the forum without CAPTCHA. iPhone/iPad, Android app to control registrations and posts at the board. Anti-spam hook info We have developed an anti-spam hook for IP.Board that would provide maximum protection from spam and you can provide for your visitor
  3. Currently all the posts in a discussion topic is shown in chronological order (latest post at the end). Should have an option to show posts in reverse chronological order too, where the latest post comes at the top, below the title. This is important since some discussions, the latest information matter more and then this would be logical and intuitive. For example, if the topic is discussion of some live event development, the latest update is most relevant rather than the first reply after topic was started. This feature was present in version 3.X. Please consider adding this in 4.X since ex
  4. View File Steam Profile Integration (3.4.x) IPS Community 4.1.x version available here. This hook will obtain data from Steam for your users and place it in your IP.Board database for use anywhere on your site. Your board will re-load your members Steam information, in batches, every 15 minutes, time can be changed, so you always have up to date information without impacting load times of your community pages. This hook, out of the box, will display steam information in the following places Member Profile userInfoPane (Next to all of their
  5. I request an enhancement for IPS-4 to be able to receive an email into one specific forum for "archiving" purposes. Configuration should allow me to restrict the acceptable incoming email address(es) that would automatically be posted as a new thread (not a reply to an existing thread). Incoming email (presumably to a special email address) from an authorized email address would be accepted. Incoming email from any unauthorized email address would not be posted, and some kind of rejection message would be returned to that unauthorized email address.
  6. Hi, I am loving the IPS software so far. I have used VB for about 7 years before going to XF for about 3 years, and it has been a treasure to find IPS which supersedes both of these platforms. Massive accomplishment for the talented minds behind it. There are many things I love, the 4.1 release has definitely taken it to another level (I'm a fan of the new Menu and Activity Stream, this has resulted in much better usability IMO, especially once some minor issues are fixed). At present, a couple of small additions would be appreciated. 1. When creating a Custom Block based o
  7. View File [XI] Server Management [XI.34] Server Management [XI.34] Server Management is an application aimed at gaming communities. The core feature is to share information about the servers you run to your members and player base. The secondary feature is share credential information to select groups on your website. Core Features: Live server querying for online players and the current map Dedicated server list and credential list pages Credential manager for sharing specific passwords with website groups per server IP.Content and board index hook for ser
  8. View File Category Tabs by IPS Themes Category tabs is a simple hook that will convert all or specific forum categories into a tabular style layout. Clicking a tab will hide the current category and then instantly load the new one. This hook utilises Javascript to power the switching but also degrades nicely if Javascript is disabled. Example Themes Features [*]Six unique themes to choose from [*]Choose which groups have access to Category tabs. [*]Assign specific categories to tabs.NEW [*]Align the tabs left, right or center.NEW [*]Easily cr
  9. File Name: Delete My Account File Submitter: Adriano Faria File Submitted: 15 Oct 2013 File Category: Utilities Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x This hook will allow users from specific user groups to request to delete their account. All requests will be reviewed by Moderating Team (admins and supermoderators), directly on ModeratorCP -> Manage Members -> Delete Accounts tab, to approve or deny the request. The whole content from user (topics, posts, attachments, polls, etc) will be preserved; only the account will be deleted. Features: Admins can choose whi
  10. After update to IPBoard 4.0.3, all new users have the same IP address (the local IP address of my server on Azure). How to fix it?
  11. File Name: Pay to Pin Topics File Submitter: Adriano Faria File Submitted: 01 Aug 2014 File Category: Commerce Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x, IP.Nexus 1.5.x This application will help admins to monetize their boards by allowing users to pin topics for a given number of days. Admin can allow topics to be pinned per forum and per group settings. Each forum will have 5 options to user choose and each option will have its own value to be pinned: Pin topic for 7 days Pin topic for 15 days Pin topic for 30 days Pin topic for 60 days Pin topic for 90 days Restrictions per group
  12. When adding code blocks to a post, the only options are HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. But what about all the other code languages out there. Obviously it's not possible to cater for every language but can we please at least have a "plain" code option that doesn't attempt any highlighting. At least that way other code languages can be added, even if not highlighted. At the moment, the only option is to use one of the available options which results in odd and incorrect highlighting.
  13. View File (SD) Company Directory Author: Dawid Baruch (IPSBeyond.pl) Opis: Aplikacja ta jest katalogiem firm pozwalającym dodawać użytkownikom nieskończenie wiele firm do katalogu. Dodatkowo może do profilu dołączyć zdjęcia np. z wyglądem biura, lub sklepu. Wszystkie firmy umieszczane są na mapie Google’a, która także jest widoczna w profilu danej firmy. Katalog daje także możliwość obserwowania profili lub całych miast, dzięki czemu jeśli firma dokona zmianę lub zostanie dodana nowa firma dostaniemy taką informację na email i/lub prywatną wiadomość i/lub w posta
  14. Hallo I'm trying to cleanup the moderator permissions after the 4.0.x upgrade. I'd like to do some suggestions (in my personal preference order ): use a autocomplete with multi-select list for the assigned forums (gallery categories, etc) (something similar like this or this - or anything similar that combines auto-complete with multiple selection) for the longer lists with "on" / "off" settings have a link to turn all on or all of a preview of the permissions (I have the Forum-Moderators group in the moderators, if a add a user that is part of this group as moderator I'm not sure if permis
  15. View File CSS3 Breadcrumbs by IPS Themes CSS3 Breadcrumbs relies heavily on pseudo elements (nth-child, :before, :after etc), border-radius, box-shadow and various other features of CSS3. This means that browser compatibility will be limited to the latest & most modern CSS3 compatible browsers. Check Can I use for a general idea of what browsers are supported. Submitter Tom Christian Submitted 05/01/2013 Category Look an
  16. On the old 4.0 demo there was a topic about spoilers, but now it's dead, as I know. But problems are still there. So let's discuss it again. I can't understand why IPB's spoiler BB-code still has not title option. Many other forum software has spoilers with titles, but IPB has ugly little functional spoilers in IPB 3 and in 4.0 too. Spoiler title is a very useful function for many boards. People use it very often. For example, if somebody makes a topic with many photos and some videos, he put them into two spoilers. And it's very convenient to make titles: Photos and Videos to let other peopl
  17. Hi, Is there any way to hide the online users list from users? ( http://community.invisionpower.com/online/ ). Regards, Nils
  18. How do I remove or disable this option ? We only allow avatars/profile photos for those who donate and as of now any user can use an offsite photo without permission.
  19. View File Editor Themes by IPS Themes Editor Themes is a tiny and lightweight (12kb) hook that completely re-styles Invision Power Board's built in CKEditor. This hook utilises the flexibility and efficiency of font icons by delivering all editor icons via a single HTTP request. As a result, this prevents the loading of a .PNG sprite file containing 40+ icons. Editor Themes relies on the CSS :before pseudo class which has support for the following browsers: Chome (all), Firefox 3.5+, Safari 1.3+, Opera 6+ and IE8+ (source). Example Themes (These are just ex
  20. I have a request to be added to IPS V4. In the theme design I would like to have the ability to have 2 logo's one for a normal computer based boards, which can a wide as the resolution will allow. Then one for a responsive size logo less the 250 px for display on cell phones. I know you can make one logo under 250 px, but that looks small on a computer based browser.
  21. View File RSS Management Application This application is NOT compatible with IPS4. the IPS4 version is available here: This Is A Fully-Featured RSS Management Application offering both Complete RSS Front-end Management And Enhanced Import Functionality. Upon Installation, This Application will replace the RSS menu at the footer of the Board with a Link to this Applications Default Landing, which Is a Clean Listing with HoverCard functionality for the Default RSS Output Cache. ATOM Feed Compatibility: This Application Directly extends classRss via ho
  22. File name: Read That Topic/Announcement Submitter: Adriano Faria Submitted: 01/28/2013 Category: Moderation Tools Demo : Discussion URL : Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x Support Info : Support only in support topic. This application will force members in selected groups to read a specific topic/forum nnouncement before being able to use the site. A popup will appear to those users with only one option: a button to redirect to that topic. Users with access to Admin CP and no restriction on this APP can pick a topic from forum side, on Topic Moderation menu. General Settings: Allow
  23. File Name: Similar Topics on Post Screen File Submitter: Adriano Faria File Submitted: 14 Nov 2011 File Category: Content Management Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x This hook will show similar topic titles on post screen, after user types the new topic title. Settings: Allowed groups to use the hook Forums where the hook will work Number of topics to appear on similar topics list Minimum length per word Group color on user links Search type: all forums or current forum Sort results by 4 options (start date, last post date, posts, views) and s
  24. In IPB 3.x there is a plugin that show users currently reading the post, is there such plugin for IPS4?
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