Improve business efficiency by knocking down info silos

A social community-based employee intranet helps your business knock down traditional knowledge silos by encouraging employees to share information to the whole organization - easily and efficiently.

Modern business collaboration to drive growth

Break out of your endless easy-to-miss, difficult-to-follow email chains! Invision Community is a modern approach to company-wide collaboration. Discussion forums, calendars, ideation, private messaging, resource sharing and more are neatly integrated into a single solution that your employees will love using.

Employees at all levels can easily communicate with each other, allowing leaders and decision makers to more easily scout the best ideas and in turn make all employees a valued part of the organization. Notifications, activity streams and digests ensure nothing interesting is missed - even if you've been away on vacation.

Promote bidirectional conversation

With company leaders interacting with employees at all levels, great ideas get discovered faster and employees feel like they can make an impact. Ideas and feedback flow up the organizational chart, as well as down.

Reduce information siloing

Share information across the whole organization, rather than being confined to one team. With our permissions model, the right people can always see the appropriate information when they need it.

One central information hub

All of your discussions, events, resources and people are in one place, easily searchable. And since mobile support is built-in, staff can stay up to date even when away from the office.

Keep staff up-to-date

With forums and articles, staff can be easily kept up to date with key business goals and news. Notifications ensure that new content is never missed.

Key Features


Create sub-communities based on department, project etc. to share info and resources with necessary colleagues.

Q&A Forums

Use Q&A for company ideation, allowing great ideas from employees to bubble up and be seen by decision-makers.

Notifications & Activity Streams

Employees need never miss vital information, since Invision Community's notifications and streams keep them in the loop.


Create precise role-based permission levels, ensuring that private materials are only accessible to appropriate employees.


Employees can loop in relevant colleagues by simply typing their name. They'll get a notification so they never miss a thing.

Custom Knowledge Apps

Build bespoke business applications using our Databases feature, complete with commenting, searching, permissions and more.

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