Cut support costs and improve customer outcomes? Win-win.

When customers have the information and tools to help themselves, problems are resolved faster, knowledge is shared and reliance on staff is reduced - a win for everyone.

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Build powerful product knowledge hubs

These days, customers expect to be able to help themselves. They don't want to take a number and wait in a phone queue - they want to find relevant answers quickly and efficiently. That's why they turn to the internet.

Invision Community helps you improve customer outcomes by enabling your customers to help each other peer-to-peer, with a range of community apps and features designed specifically for knowledge sharing. Support costs are reduced because customers can find the answers they need, and satisfaction improves as problems are solved quicker.

Example support forums
  • Increase Loyalty

    Make it easy for customers to find solutions and they'll be more loyal to your brand.

  • Identify Brand Experts

    Identify your most knowledgeable customers and make sure they get they the recognition they deserve.

  • Boost Efficiency

    Enable staff to focus on more important tasks, rather than repeating the same answers over and over.

  • Build Searchable Knowledge

    Community answers are easily searchable & shareable, so future customers already have a knowledge pool.

  • Self-help Support

    Customers are able to help themselves by creating discussions or referencing past answers - 24/7.

  • Promote Socially

    Automatically highlight the best support content from your community on Facebook & Twitter, for even better visibility.

  • Support On-The-Go

    Customers can access your support community any time, from anywhere, on any device.

Key Features


Customers - and staff - are notified when questions have received a reply, even if they aren't active on the site.

Q&A Forums

Use Question & Answer forums to get top-voted questions bubbling up, and best answers clearly marked within topics.


Identify and reward key contributors with Invision Community's reputation system. Offer badges, more features and recognition.


Tagged content means related answers can be easily found by users, improving problem resolution and, as a result, customer satisfaction.


Share product resources with customers using the Downloads app. Categorize by product, type etc. and use custom fields for additional info.

Custom Knowledge Apps

Build custom knowledgebases, documentation, tutorial areas and more using the custom database functionality of our Pages CMS app.

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