Engage supporters and drive social awareness of your cause

With Invision Community, you can improve your outreach efforts, engage with passionate supporters and better advocate for those in need.

Magnify your ability to be a force for good

One of the most powerful benefits of an online community is in its ability to bring people together for a common cause, be it to raise funds for a non-profit organization or provide support and resources to those people who need it.

Since 2002, hundreds of organizations have chosen Invision Community as their platform of choice as part of their effort to improve the world for people around them.

Boost fundraising opportunities

An online community can help you increase your fundraising opportunities by allowing you to more deeply engage with your key supporters - and, crucially, attract new supporters via social media and organic SEO.

Build peer support resources

Your community acts as a hub for like-minded people to communicate and collaborate. Members can access your resources, or read stories from other members. Subject experts can join in and help users get the best support in a safe, welcoming environment.

On-site community (alongside the broader use of social media) is a vital component in not just meeting the needs of your advocates, beneficiaries and supporters, but it should also be a catalyst for driving internal cultural change as well. Nick Torday, SiftGroups
Example support forums
  • Improve campaign engagement

    Give users the tools to show support for your campaigns, and create buzz around them.

  • Complement your existing social media channels

    Foster your own community on-site, but use built-in promotion tools to get content out via your existing channels.

  • More effectively help those you serve

    Help your users access peer stories and other resources, and interact with subject experts and counsellors.

  • Develop personal relationships through peer support

    Help your members develop deeper more meaningful relationships with others who have first-hand experiences.

  • Identify your best advocates

    Through our reputation system, find and reward your organization's best advocates.

  • Anonymous help when it matters

    Unlike social networks, your own community can allow users to remain quasi-anonymous if desired.

Key Features

Custom Profile Fields

Use custom profile fields to allow members to self-complete important profile details that may aid in assisting them.

Q&A Forums

Use Question & Answer forums to get top-voted questions bubbling up, and best answers clearly marked within topics.

Privacy & Security

Utilize anonymous logins, permission and privacy controls, preemptive moderation techniques and more to ensure user privacy.


Customers - and staff - are notified when questions have received a reply, even if they aren't active on the site.


Promote your community's best content via your existing social media channels for cross-promotion and engagement.

Custom Knowledge Apps

Build custom resources such as knowledgebases and physician databases using the custom database functionality of our Pages CMS app.

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