Take your community beyond the community

Remote Commenting is a service that embeds an interactive commenting widget on your website pages, seamlessly synced with your Invision Community forums.

Boost Engagement

Users can comment on your articles, products and more without signing up again - just read, and comment.

Works Anywhere

Works with any CMS. Just provide an RSS of feed of the items that accept comments. We do the rest.

Seamless Experience

Comments show seamlessly on your website pages, and can be styled with a simple stylesheet.

Exclusive to Enterprise service

Invision Community Remote Commenting

We've seen it many times - a site has a buzzing community, but when it comes to commenting on news articles, users have to jump through hoops (like signing up again, or providing an email address) just to share their thoughts. As a result, engagement and participation is harmed, and potential for greater response is lost.

Our Remote Commenting solution is different. Users don't have to sign in again, or provide an email address, or enter a captcha. Instead, they comment using their Invision Community account from your main community section. Comments can be voted up or down as you'd expect, and users can sort incoming comments in a variety of ways. All it requires is that you can provide an RSS feed of the items you want to accept comments on - your news articles, store products etc. Our Remote Commenting module does the rest, automatically.

Invision Community Remote Commenting is available exclusively to Enterprise customers.

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