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Whether you want to reduce support costs by enabling customers to help each other, lure fans back from social media sites so that you direct the conversation or improve internal employee communication, our suite has features that will help you achieve those goals.

Since our enteprise plans are hosted on our platform, you reduce the in-house IT expertise required to maintain an environment capable of handling the loads communities impose.

Our suite can be fully branded and seamlessly integrated with your existing web properties both in style and single sign-on connectivity. Our Enterprise plans include these services at no extra cost.

Key Details

  • Managed plans

    We handle your entire project lifecycle, from start to finish and ongoing maintenance.

  • Enterprise platform

    Your community is hosted on our enterprise platform, designed from the ground up for demanding communities.

  • Dedicated team

    Our dedicated Enterprise team is your point of contact for services and support.

Newly updated and exclusive to Enterprise plans

Take discussions anywhere with Remote Commenting

With Remote Commenting, forum discussions live right in your existing pages - in news articles, blog posts and more.

Project services designed for the entire lifecycle

Our Enterprise Services team provide a range of services to help medium to large businesses get the most from the IPS Community Suite. From project inception, through to planning, build and deployment, and covering training and post-launch consultation, our services scale with your project, and help you meet your goals.

Planning & Consultation

We work with you to identify your goals, and how our platform can help you achieve them. If you have an existing community, we'll identify weak areas and suggest improvement strategies.

Implementation & Pre-launch

At this stage our designers work to apply your branding to your new community. If you have existing authentication systems, we develop single-sign on modules. Training services are provided to your staff.

Deployment & Post-launch

Existing community data is migrated. Your community goes live! And, as you get a feel for your new community, we'll be on hand with a dedicated team to answer questions and help you devise growth strategies.

Sample pricing - starts at $850/month

  • 3 million monthly page views
  • 150GB media & data storage
  • Enterprise-grade platform
  • Data migration from another platform
  • Single sign-on development
  • Branding matching service
  • Remote commenting system
  • Dedicated support & services team

Pricing for Enterprise plans includes millions of page views and ample storage for your community. Example pricing for additional usage is $2.50 per 50,000 page views and $25 per 5 GB space. Our platform supports communities with many thousands of online users and there is no hard limit to online users.

Get Started

We work with each Enterprise customer to develop a project specific to their needs. Contact us below to get started with a consultation to see how we can help.