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Found 102 results

  1. @onlyME, Performing a search with single quotes in the query like "Don't" or "You're" return no results on the quick search. Works fine with normal IPS search so not an IPS issue. Using elasticsearch.
  2. Threadloom is a hosted service, so they would likely need to build support themselves, rather than a third party. Natively, IPS supports ElasticSearch, which can either be self-hosted via installing on your own server, or acquiring a hosted ElasticSearch service.
  3. Probably a problem with their elasticsearch server?
  4. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51285677/elasticsearch-list-of-english-stopwords Elasticsearch using the default English stopword list should already filter out those words.
  5. In Elasticsearch, its possible to set the number of Shards the index will use when creating the Index. IPS is using the default 5 shards, which is not optimal for everybody(probably for most of the clients). For example in my case i only use 1 node(localhost) and my Index is way below 50Gb, so my optimal shard count is only 1. 5 shards in my case is slowing down elasticsearch. Its possible in the Elasticsearch options to have a field to choose the number of shards? Basically depending on the value we choose it would add something like this: "settings" : { "number_of_shards": 2 }
  6. Hi, As far as I know, the search field in the \Helpers\Table\Db only uses the classic MySQL search. For instance, with the quickSearch property: $_where = array(); foreach ( $columns as $c ) { $_where[] = "LOWER(`{$c}`) LIKE CONCAT( '%', ?, '%' )"; } $where[] = array_merge( array( '(' . implode( ' OR ', $_where ) . ')' ), array_fill( 0, count( $_where ), mb_strtolower( trim( \IPS\Request::i()->quicksearch ) ) ) ); Would it be possible to implement ElasticSearch if it has been configured in the settings? Thanks a lot!
  7. Thats fine, but who knows when that will happen ? Im still waiting on my elasticsearch fix that they promised me in 4.3.6 ?
  8. Forums are not going anywhere. Forums are essential for support based communities. For businesses that want to build real high value SEO. For people that want full control of their data. For everyone that doesn't want to be at the mercy of Facebook algorithm changes. Hey Princeton. We've seen a huge increase in enterprise level demand for scalable forums, which is why we've put a lot of energy into the features you mention as well as basic things like S3 storage, ElasticSearch, etc. We handle a lot of very high end migrations and we now have lots of valuable insight into hosting, managing and supporting high-level communities. (And I'm responding to this comment, I'm not saying that is where IPS is going to focus solely on 🙂)
  9. We announced the 4.3 search improvements recently. If you have not had a look please read the news entry: One of the big changes was the addition of Elasticsearch as an option but there were improvements to search overall no matter what method you are using. Right now we are using normal MySQL searching along with the new interface and backend logic. Later this week we will enabling Elasticsearch. So I wanted to give everyone notice of this upcoming change so those of you who are heavy search users could compare the search experience now and then later this week when Elasticsearch is enabled. I will let you know in this topic when we do that. As always, please post beta bugs in the bug tracker. Thanks!
  10. Rebuild search index took around an hour before I switched to Elasticsearch. Just set it up today and running the rebuild for the first time I'm 50% after 3 hours.. is it meant to take longer on Elasticsearch?
  11. It's on my server. I'm getting the viewupdate error since setting up elasticsearch as seen here
  12. It's not "meant" to, but instead of inserting rows into (presumably) a local database table all of those rows have to be pushed over an HTTP API to a service (I don't know if your Elasticsearch is local or remote, but it's still an HTTP request either way). That is going to be inherently slower with regards to pushing the content into the index. The benefits show when you in turn perform a search and it executes quicker and with better results.
  13. XenForo does not, however, offer any of the following in the core: ElasticSearch Clubs Social Media promotion etc etc. You won't find a direct apples-to-apples comparison. Even Woltlab Burning Board, which is a much closer model to IPS, doesn't exactly match. At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself, "I'm on the Invision platform. What is the best and most pragmatic choice I can make?" I think we would all love for everything to be included for free in the Core. Subscriptions to be free and inside core. ElasticSearch to be free and inside core. Calendar to be free and inside core. Every platform will separate their apps and features differently, and you need to make the best choice to guide your community within what's available.
  14. I am sorry to bug you guys and I know you are every busy since new release is coming soon. I searched and could not find details about new search in 4.0. In my opinion current search needs loads of improvements. Were you thinking about ElasticSearch or similar third party products? What can we expect searchwise in 4.0 version?
  15. Hi there. The search is one of the most delicate parts of the forums and having members and guests finding valuable information it is necessary to have a good search. While database search is good for small communities, it is soon outgrown when the community evolves or the fulltext search isn't simply working the way it should. Dealing with Elasticsearch myself for an project, it would be great if IPS could provide a addon or built-in support for it. As per announcement, Xenforo is going to provide an addon which will provide Elasticsearch.
  16. Does IPB4 offer alternative search support? For example Elasticsearch or Sphinx Search. On a large production site MySQL Full Text Search isn't idea or reasonable.
  17. How does XF price their ElasticSearch add-on? I don't mind paying for / investing into a good search solution if and when IPS can offer ES. The more I use the default IPS search both on my own community and in here in the IPS forums, the less I like it. You need to know the exact search words (eg. "content ratings" instead of "content rating"!) and you need to toggle with the options (search all words, search any words, etc.) until you can finetune the results, and I doubt any modern Internet user has the patience or tolerance to search like that. With that said, Quick Search by @onlyME is a highly recommended add-on for a really good price. It adds in live search and autocomplete, which makes the search feel much more responsive even when based upon the IPS default search. You can refer to the Google custom search engine integration by @DawPi
  18. Pretty sure that's from the advanced options? If so, it shouldn't be required to go to that extent. The point is, falling back to the built in MySQL search from Sphinx WITHOUT having a replacement in the line and near being done was somewhat of a DA move in the opinion of most people that used Sphinx. Most forum scripts search (default) sucks even with ElasticSearch or Sphinx, and mySQL search is on the very bottom of the poop list of search choices to rely on.
  19. I know Invision will go the route of Cloud Search, but please give us also a local search server like elasticsearch
  20. Imagine that we wake up just to find out that our elasticsearch server is down and we don't have access to it. What we will do is going to the Admin Panel and change the search to Mysql and rebuild the index. What iam suggestion is for IPS to do that automatically in case the connection to elasticsearch fails, so our users don't lose access to the Activity Streams while we are away. Offcourse im not expecting my elasticsearch server to fail. Its just a fallback that can be useful in case something bad happens.
  21. Im testing the new IPS 4.3 beta, and i stopped elasticsearch on purpose to see what would happen, and View New Content and Search gives no results and i get this error in the logs: Failed to connect to xx.xx.xxx.xxx port 9200: Connection refused. What i suggest is that if something bad happens to our elasticsearch server for some reason, IPS should fallback to Mysql, even if its only for the last 7 days, so View New Content can still work.
  22. Lindy, you know i understand about servers and im not expecting to have my server down, and if its down, i will put it up right away. What im telling is that we are not online 24 hours a day. If elasticsearch fails, ips could fallback to mysql. It doesn't need to rebuild the whole index. IPS supports rebuilding only the last few days, that will take few space and its fast. Like i said, just a suggestion and im not expecting my server to fail. ?
  23. IMO your efforts would be much better spent ensuring you do have access to restart Elasticsearch (which only takes seconds if not minutes at the most). It would take much much longer to rebuild MySQL search index from scratch, and even if you do have it constantly rebuilt as a backup you would lose the huge space savings in your database by moving to Elasticsearch in the first place. I do however agree though a more graceful error message should be given (e.g. Search temporarily unavailable" instead of returning 0 results, which could be frustrating)
  24. You can do that with Elasticsearch: https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?q=gym
  25. No. There are still engineering challenges to overcome. Sphinx (or similar) would, however, improve the resource overhead and lead to better results. We are doing, as I mentioned, external search, but it will most likely be Elasticsearch - not Sphinx.
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