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Found 186 results

  1. I want customizable slug names for the forum links, just like it's done in WordPress post titles & its link Example: Forum name "C++" Current URL slug name: "/forum/id-c" I want an option to modify it for example so I can change it to "/forum/id-cpp" Another problem with hardcoded slug names are the localized forum names, I don't want national characters in the forum URL links.
  2. We have this great functionality, tags and prefixes but it's full potential is still not reached. Here's what could be done to further improve this: Develop a tag cloud block on the sidebar of every forum with the most used tags in the topics from that forum (or all forums if the block is used on the homepage). Selecting any of the tags, should/could filter topics in the forum, allowing members to quickly sort their so needed content. If this filtering is too complicated, even redirecting the members to the search page would be an improvement.
  3. I could use some help with streamlining the image import process for IP.Content. Right now, it's not easy to add images directly from IP.Content like in IP.Board. I have used the "Article Image" function, but does not allow multiple images and does not show the image in Preview article mode. Can anyone help?
  4. Hello, i would suggest to show any content for author that is in queue. Flagging that content into queue :) To have much "feedback" between moderators and users!
  5. Currently someone can sit on their post slamming refresh over and over and jack up their page views. This could be eliminated by adding the post id to a session variable, and only count the view if the post id did not exist within the session array already. This would then at least require the user to logout and log back in to count themselves for another page view
  6. View File Cookie Bar Due to the cookie laws in the EU, here is a hook that shows you the bar at the top of your site that you see at so many other sites, asking your users to accept the use of cookies. You also have the option to block the use of your site until a user has accepted the use of cookies, but this will potentially affect your site's position in search engine rankings and might scare users away. As of version 1.0.1, the Cookie Bar will no longer be shown to search engines. NOTE: You yourself are responsible to ensure for your own jurisdiction whether using this hook makes you compliant with the laws that apply to you. Providing you with this hook does not imply any legal advice. Blocking the use of (blacking out) your site, does not prevent from any cookies being written by the invision software or third parties. Features Reset the acceptance by changing the acceptance key (e.g. if you made a major change to your privacy policy). You can adjust the language of the hook through the included language bits. You can choose whether or not you want to blackout the rest of your site until a visitor has accepted the use of cookies. Does not show if the visitor is a search engine spider. Any further suggestions are appreciated and I might include these in a future release of this hook. Install Upload all files and install the .xml as a hook. Donate This hook is free to use. But if you would like to support this hook's development you can donate here: Fix for duplicate bar showing in custom skins In your skin template files go to 'cookieBar' under Global Templates and replace the lines in the first block with the lines in the second code block below. <div class="message" id="cookiePlaceholder"> <a class="input_submit">{$this->lang->words['cookieBarAccept']}</a> </div> <div class="message" id="cookiePlaceholder" style="display:none;"> </div> Submitter Donkerrood Submitted 08/17/2012 Category Utilities Discussion URL Support Info <p>Please use the support topic for support.</p> Supported Versions IP.Blog 2.4.x
  7. I had a member contact me about a thread he found particularly useful and wanted to print but the print formatting is off. Other forums offer a printable view, Would something like that be an option?
  8. Hey so I notice you guys are using FontAwesome however you are using it incorrectly. Although FontAwesome says to use <i class='fa fa-icon'></i> this is in fact deprecated semantic HTML markup. This is merely for show being that i = icon. Can you please consider changing all instances of FontAwesome icons to the valid HTML markup: <span class='fa fa-icon'></span> This will allow IPB to move one step forward to passing the HTML W3C Validator
  9. i need the option to Stop Answers in Questions Forum from going up when rated i.e. i want to have linear discussion with rating and choice of best answers
  10. i am new to IPS and barely wrapping my head around everything; one thing i am not new to is the editor; what a mess it is now, ive seen it around just before ive setup my own PS4; didn't like it very much! where is my easy source code? ok... ill bite the bullet as admin; no more editing in BBCode; but for end users? seriously? who's idea was that? im failing to see the logic behind this move,
  11. Hi, i already made a backup of all my files and database and want to upgrade from 3.4.7 to 4.0 RC1. I already downloaded the 4.0 RC1 from Client Area. What i need to do now to upgrade? Is there any kind of tutorial anywhere? Thanks in advance.
  12. Laugh out Loudl, I'm just kidding, but I do have an idea and some feedback I would like to give. For Invision Power Board 4.0 So as of right now, support is located in the 'NAV BAR' with no way to remove it (officially) without paying someone cash'ola to code it out or go through extensive hoops to find someone who knows how to do it, OR doing it yourself, but again if I am new and paying for service from a suite, I could bug the techs all day to do it (as if they don't have enough on their plates). I purpose that you allow support a switch in the "Applications" area, since it is under commerce as is and allow us to hide it. Like in my case I prefer the old-school method to it and want it in the profile menu when they click their name. But I was not given this option. I think it is important shouldn't be on the navbar section. I know there are a few people out there that like it there, one of them, I am not. My life long dream is to see a switch, I yern for this switch (or button if ye' prefer.) in the apps -> Commerce section. If I could oh but have this one dream. For those of you who are interested in how I was able to add a link into the profile section I offer the other post I've created as a guide. Located here
  13. Is there a way to add more font colours to the font menu? There is a very limited amount of colours currently...I'm a pretty big fan of being able to choose "more colours" and picking some better options. Having access to different blues and greens (teal) is kind of essential for me.
  14. Hello, Today a member from my forum tried to change his avatar, it was OK except the part with cropping it. He cannot use his avatar at "full-size", give us the option to crop or not the avatar. Hi's photo is below.
  15. I need to add an option to set the default language based on the setting not based on the visitors machine, developing the board to detect the default language in case of guests is not logical and not preferable in some regions, for example in the Arab countries too many machines its default language is English but the visitors always prefer to visit the websites in Arabic Now IPB default language always inherently obtained from the guests machine unless they set their language in Arabic , I hope there will be any option to set the default language for the guests from the Admin CP
  16. View File Google Webfonts by IPS Themes Google Webfonts makes it quick and easy for everyone to use web fonts. This hook allows you to customise the typography used throughout your forum with a huge choice of over 600 open source font families directly from the Google Webfonts directory. 1. Choose a font 2. Customise settings 3. Enjoy Submitter Tom Christian Submitted 03/30/2013 Category Look and Feel Supported Versions
  17. File Name: Warn Log File Submitter: Adriano Faria File Submitted: 04 Aug 2012 File Category: Moderation Tools Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x This hook will create a new topic everytime a user got warned. If the user was already warned, a new post on his topic will be created. Settings: Topic Author Forum where topics/posts will be created User Groups that will have topics created when got warned Topic Title Post Content here to download this file
  18. File name: Custom Recent Topics 1 And 2 Submitter: Andrew Arbuckle Submitted: 11/22/2014 Category: Integration Demo : http://www.rewrestling.com Discussion URL : Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x Support Info : Respond to this thread or message me for support. The default "Recent Topics" hook for IP.Board does not offer any options and you can only use it once. Custom Recent Topics 1 And 2 gives you more control over your Recent Topics block and if you require 2 different Recent Topics blocks on your homepage, you can install both hooks available in this package. Features: Select groups that can view block (Administrators, Moderators, Members, Guests, etc.) Change number of topics to show Choose specific forums to show recent topics from Show/hide Forum Name for each recent topic Show/hide Member Name for each recent topic Show/hide Member Avatar for each recent topic Show/hide Date for each recent topic Change styles for unread topics using "crt1_unread_topics" class Easily change appearance in the Look & Feel templates section of the Admin CP View File
  19. Hi, I am interested in being able to post either a topic (first post only) or a file (download) anonymously, in the beginning, and later having a mod change it to the true poster. Is that possible? I know that in 3.x there was a plugin for topics/posts only but not maintained anymore. This is needed because we are conducting contests and we don;t want members to know who posted what and later we reveal the true poster. thanks
  20. A full secure ssl connection (https) continues to become an important aspect for any website. Not just for security, but also seo ranking, and the peace of mind from your users. Google has publicly stated they will favor sites using full https. Browsers also have made it painfully clear and obvious when a site isn't fully secure. I think it would be a great benefit for IPB to have an image proxy system. Disabling hotlinking will only make your site less user friendly. People instinctively want to link a photo from somewhere else and they're not all willing or are unable to learn how to upload.
  21. My Calendar widget (upcoming events) is always empty because all my events are "today" events. E.g. we've uploaded a new content for users and added a record to the Calendar. Could you add a settings to existing widget to shows not only upcoming events but also some events from the past?
  22. Hello, Suppose I have a topic in a forum (original forum) and I move it to another forum (new forum) then the number of questions count in the original forum reduces by 1 which is fine. So now my net count in original forum becomes zero. Now suppose I again mark the topic to move from the original forum to new forum, the counter for number of questions becomes -1. Then if I delete the topic link from the original forum then the counter becomes -2. So I added a forum, then moved it and then deleted the pointer link and this resulted in number of questions in the forum to be shown as -2. Seems like a critical bug. Please report to the team immediately. Hoping for a fix in the next release. Any tricks to get around this apart from not moving topics? Thanks!
  23. I suggest add metatag for mobile Chrome which changes toolbar color on Android 5.0 and above. This looks much better on mobile template. I just put this: {{if \IPS\Dispatcher::hasInstance() and \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->controllerLocation == 'admin'}} <meta name="theme-color" content='#417ba3'> {{else}} <meta name="theme-color" content='{theme="main_nav"}'> {{endif}} And everything looks that: http://imgur.com/a/vMMVo (i censored frontpage and url). What are you think about this?
  24. Many users asks for way to goto first unread post instead the last comment.
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