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  1. Hello everyone. I have a question. What is Error code: EX2 ? I see this error when I click on my profile(I'm root administrator), and somethimes when I just open my forum(domain)
  2. Hello, I just wanted to say that the new ipb 4.1 is looking very good and clean well done guys as a developer i must say the source is well written too.Can't wait to start my new community with ipb. Regards
  3. Hi all, After two months on V4 I could say our page views decreased despite posts number is still the same day after day. First of all I disabled ajax pagination, who was affecting anaylitics page views count, but now I would like to disable also new posts popup into topic view. I think this could help bring back page views to the previous count, but there's no setting for it. Is there an easy way to disable it? Thanks. Alex
  4. I read earlier that IPB4 doesn't require a robots.txt since everything is handled correctly. But in my Google Webmaster I have about 250 403's of the forms /applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=xxx ?do=email ?do=email&comment=xxx What would be causing this and how can I fix it?
  5. Hi It seems to be easy but I couldn't find a way to do that. Is there any way to put "About Me" tab before "Activity Feed" and "Status Feed"? My members are disappointed with the current layout and I think they're right : /
  6. As an admin, I can add/change members' cover photos. But I cannot find how to allow Members to add their cover photos themselves. Can someone please advise? Thanks in advance!
  7. The main editor here has shrinked controls, the main edit area shirnks and expands while I type more lengthy text, is it caused by wrong mobile & desktop devices detection?
  8. I would like to localize the "#comment" term added to the forum posts link, is it possible?
  9. Hello, I have some flat images for my forum icons and I would like for them to show up in full color when viewing them as a guest. Right now it seems all icons when I am logged out are marked as read. In ipb3.x guests always saw the full color. http://www.plusevgaming.com/forums/ Any help with this is greatly appreciated!
  10. So, I'm fairly new to IPB 4 and I've been slowly building my forum up with the help of my members to get exactly what they want and now I want to add a few novelty features, because we are primarily a writing forum. I've been reading up on the Doing-Away with BBCode, which really makes me sad because the concept was stupid-simple. Now there's this CKEditor and I feel not only totally lost, but somewhat baffled by the technicalities that it requires, so I'm asking for some guidance, explanations, and help here. I've been trying to go through the documentation, but the hitch that comes up is when it says to make an HTML page to call the script... but I'm not sure what the page is to be named, or even what that's supposed to do? Will it add the RTF features to the post box when creating new or editing posts? Where I'm at right now: - I've downloaded CKEDITOR and installed it to my root directory. I've visited the /sample/index.html and seen that it works, but I don't have the foggiest idea what to do from here. How do I get it to reveal itself in forum posts? Or is that not even an option... Is it a stand-alone piggybacking onto IPB 4? Is that why I can download plugins to it? If yes, I imagine I need to change the code with each download of a new plug-in add-on, yes?
  11. Very long blocks of code present a problem for the readability of forum threads. Commonly, this is resolved by adding a scroll bar to the block after a reasonable number of lines. IPB4 does not do this, which leads to crazy long code blocks and almost unreadable threads like this one. Could we please have scroll bar functionality for code blocks in 4.1?
  12. Hello, I need to be able to add different banners at the top of multiple pages, forums and sub forums. Now i started off with the advertisement feature IP Board has to offer but gives me the same add across all pages (will get to the custom location in a second) and that's not what i wanted. Then just tried doing custom blocks and add one to each page. Whilst this worked for all my pages, when it comes to forums, the forums (home) page itself can be edited with a custom block in footer and will have no effect on forums/sub forums/topic. However when inserting a custom block/ad into any one of the specific forums/sub forums it effects all of them. My question, Through the advertisement app on IPB 4 how do i control a custom location? Can i have multiple different ad's across all sub forums and forums (different add per forum/sub forum)? if not is there an app to help me? I downloaded a $30 but turned out to be for ipb 3 and the dude making it has not given a date just the fact it's in development. If reading, thanks for your time
  13. I'm a bit bummed by the technical 'support' I received about this problem and it appears I need to wait a fair while between support replies so I'm begging you all for some help with this issue as I really need to get a bulk mail out. Ultimately, notifications and bulk emails to small numbers of people (< 10) work fine. My usual monthly mailout to 50,000 people is now (for the first time) complaining about a Mandrill communication error. When I did into the logs in Mandrill I see a populated 'to' key in the response to the small send outs and an empty 'to' key with the big mail outs. Eg (note the snip, there are more...); "to": [ { "email": "cbiggins@[removed]", "name": "PranK" }, *snip* while the bigger mail out has; "to": {}, That makes me thing that IPB is not sending the addresses correctly to Mandrill. We have done 6 other mail outs this size this year, so we're not doing anything new. Thanks in advance! We're getting desperate! Christian
  14. Hello, There is an Urgent issues!! I've completed all transfermation from 3.4.8 to, but I found all post and topic can't be opened. All staff's account and member's account can't open the posts. But guests can! And when I adjusted the permission of them in ACP and saved, the status of permission didn't be changed. Here is the problem screenshot. Please help us! It's really urgent for us!!!
  15. Hello everyone. We just did a fresh install of the latest IPB 4.0. Most of of our users are doing fine, but we have a number of people having serious issues trying to load their images. When they click on the upload image button on their profile, or in the comment reply screen, they get a white screen and that is it. The user who reported this is in the UK and running Firefox with Flash on the browser. They do not have Flash installed on their computer, but they do have Java. They thought this information might be important. I did a search to see if anyone else was having this issue, but I don't see anything, so I would really appreciate some feed back. Not sure what the image uploader platform is based on, so I cant figure this out. Are there specific browser settings, such as block popups or cookies that would interfere with this process? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Andrea and Alex
  16. is there a way to copy a thread or a post to another location? we would like to be able to copy the original post (usually in English) to a language specific forum; where we can translate the original post and comments, any ideas how to do this (other than manual DB table copy)? TIA Chris
  17. Hi I have a problem to install IPB4 ! : There was an error communicating with the IPS License Server: Connection timed out. Please try again later or contact IPS technical support for assistance. You know the solution ? Thanks Quentin LAFFONT
  18. Syntax highlighting in IPS 4 is just plain bad! How many available programming languages are currently listed? 3? 4? This must be a joke. Those supported are hardcoded in IPS4 core php code (default config for the code editor). MAKE AN OPTION TO SELECT "PLAIN PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE" or / and MAKE AN OPTION TO ADD MORE PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES for the <code>
  19. I want customizable slug names for the forum links, just like it's done in WordPress post titles & its link Example: Forum name "C++" Current URL slug name: "/forum/id-c" I want an option to modify it for example so I can change it to "/forum/id-cpp" Another problem with hardcoded slug names are the localized forum names, I don't want national characters in the forum URL links.
  20. We have this great functionality, tags and prefixes but it's full potential is still not reached. Here's what could be done to further improve this: Develop a tag cloud block on the sidebar of every forum with the most used tags in the topics from that forum (or all forums if the block is used on the homepage). Selecting any of the tags, should/could filter topics in the forum, allowing members to quickly sort their so needed content. If this filtering is too complicated, even redirecting the members to the search page would be an improvement.
  21. Hi, 1. First question I want to change the auto generated slug name of the forum example.com/forum/1-c/ this name was generated from "C++" programming language name string, I would like to change it to example.com/forum/1-cpp/ How can I do it? WordPress has an option to hand modify any new blog post and it's slug, why isn't it available in IPB4? 2. Second question Is it possible to remove the ID from the slug too? So it would became example.com/forum/cpp/ ?
  22. Hey all, I'm trying to place custom blocks on individual subforums with ads that relate directly to that topic, however, it seems that when i add a block to the side bar, it gets added throughout the hierarchy of my forum and shows on every page. Is there a way I can place blocks only on specific pages of my forum without them showing on every page?
  23. Hi everyone, I updated our community forums yesterday and we also have a custom written "Portal" that is using some data from the forums database. We have a self-updating box that is showing the latest threads on that portal. Since the update, the box is not showing the forums name anymore because the "name" field in forums_forums is gone. Do you have an idea where this bit of information is stored now and how can I read it? preferrably within the database query but I guess it's not possible anymore. thx in advance for your answers
  24. I just had my board updated recently and only about a handful of emoticons survived. So I decided to delete them, and start over, but now when i try to upload an emoticon I get the error message "that value is not allowed". although they are jpg. gif. etc. Can someone please help me with this issue? It's been like this for a about a week or so, and it's driving me mad.
  25. Hi, Since I am using a Polish language by default for all content on my website I would like to disable the English language - is it possible? I can't find any option for it and the language is locked in the languages - list so I can't really do anything with it. The main reason I'd like to do that is to avoid filling the inputs while creating a new forum/categories on my board (I need to enter the name for both languages every time which is required and annoying). Regards
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