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  1. FBLook

    Cool theme but it just isn't looking like the screenshots for some reason.
  2. [IF34] IP.Board 4.0 Style

    Look & Feel > Easy Logo Changer
  3. [IF34] IP.Board 4.0 Style

    As soon as I click the link to switch to the skin. Using 3.4.6 in case you need that info.
  4. [IF34] IP.Board 4.0 Style

    Got a blank page after switching to this skin, found this in my error log: PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function userHoverCard() on a non-object in /admin/sources/base/ipsMember.php on line 164 I tried recaching the skin but it didn't help.
  5. Raptr Profile Integration

    Looks interesting but I'm not getting the add widget button in the signature settings page.
  6. DC - Images On Forum Home

    So far the only issues I've noticed are that there's no space between the bottom of the content from this hook & the top of the forum block (this can even be seen in your image), the other is that any image smaller than 100px gets blown up. Other than that it's not bad so far.
  7. Problem with site access

    It was just working a minute ago until I tried to submit a new ticket, now it refuses to load again. How is anyone supposed to get anything done like this?
  8. Problem with site access

    I sent one to that address about 2 hours ago, I just posted this here since it finally let me on the forum. It seems to be working now but who knows about later, it seems to be random.
  9. Problem with site access

    Well, I can get into the forum now but still no access to the client area.
  10. Problem with site access

    I'm trying to renew my license but the client area keeps freezing up, one minute it'll let me in the next minute it refuses. I've tried different browsers & a different computer so can anyone explain why it's doing this?
  11. Blue delights

    Looks more purple than blue to me.
  12. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    On page 27
  13. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    Couldn't you find a better word, like maybe stupid? Sh*t like that just pisses me off, maybe I'm the only one here who thinks so but that word should be banned especially because of people like you who use it for stupid reasons.
  14. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    Just checked that file on VirusTotal, 6/46 reported it as a bad file. https://www.virustotal.com/file/052590cc05788667835ea884b619d658aafdc6c1f7e1392212ecb3440a56b65f/analysis/1357353468/
  15. Download: Cleancut

    It does work with a few simple modifications, so far it's just been a few images & css edits. Also had to do this: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/guides.html/_/knowledge-base/forum-and-members-tabs-duplicated-r236