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  1. Not sure if this is best place to ask for support re your WP SSO plugin or not.

    We send out emails to our members all the time and in them are links to posts in our private community forum.

    When a member clicks the link and they are not still logged in they are taken to the login page of our WP website (we are using your WP SSO plugin for authentication to forums)

    Once they log in however they are not redirected back to the referring URL/Link that they originally clicked on in the email.

    I asked Invision support about it and they said I should ask you as its your code doing it.

    I thought that we could fix the problem with a ModRewrite rule but that didn't work either.
    I have looked in the {QUERY_STRING} and can see the variable `ref` and it contains the referrer just Base64 encoded

    can you please help?


  2. Mail Bouncer

    If you're having an issue, certainly.
  3. Mail Bouncer

    That's not a support ticket though I'll need private information to investigate, so it needs to be in a ticket.
  4. Mail Bouncer

    I haven't had a support ticket from any one for this issue yet and my own sites that have been using SparkPost are not showing this issue. Please submit one as soon as possible. I am on vacation next week.
  5. Mail Bouncer

    Interesting, I've head a lot about SparkPost over this past week. Please submit a support ticket so that I can look into this.
  6. Thank you for update and continued maintenance on Mail Bouncer.  

    FYI a lot of the links in your Marketplace description (eg. to your Tracker) do not exist.

  7. Wordpress Plugin for Invision Board

    I certainly do...
  8. You need to remind me to remind other users that you actually have a Wordpress SSO in the Marketplace

  9. Trader Feedback System

    This is fixed in the next release, I'm also going to switch the logic around so that you select where you want it to show, rather than where you want to hide it. And, by the way. A notification is already built in, it's sent when someone leaves you feedback. I'm going to add another one though for when someone you follow is left feedback.
  10. My app will do this completely automated (if you use SparkPost or SendGrid) - I recommend using SendGrid.
  11. Trader Feedback System

    Just a friendly reminder.. If you have any issues, please open a support ticket so I can address them.
  12. Trader Feedback System

    An update is available in the Market Place, this includes support for Invision Community 4.2
  13. Mail Bouncer

    This update is now available in the Market Place, I was able to combine them into a single version.
  14. Thank you for the update and continued maintenance of Mail Bouncer to 4.2 compatibility.  

  15. Trader Feedback System

    Yes. A customer requested a 'private' feedback ability, so that the creator of a topic for example could define whether feedback regarding that content item (topic) would be private or public. I've had a change of opinion and don't think that it'll be a widely used feature. Would you use something like this? (I mean, would you actually use it rather than like it to be included and then never use it).