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  1. Can't purchase items with options

    I'd say temporary. I believe that will cause problems if you have a renewable item (subscription) with options. But.. That being said.. I can't think of anyone i've ever seen who has used it in that way.. Where a subscription has product options.
  2. Upgrade issue

    Oh.. This. http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/issue-37931-upgrade-error-step-one/
  3. adpack_no_dims

    Ok.. The second part of this.. When you upload an ad image through the package.. If allow_url_fopen is disabled.. You get the above error. That's probably bad practice on our part.. The file should be uploaded by that time, and we should probably be accessing it through the direct file path rather than through http to prevent this error from hitting the large number of sites that do have allow_url_fopen disabled.
  4. Grid view alignment

    28 characters on 1600x1050 is where it seems to happen.. We have this code in the gridview [code] <if test="strlen( $package['p_name'] ) > 32"> {parse expression="IPSText::truncate( $package['p_name'], 28 )"} <else /> {$package['p_name']} </if> [/code] So, anything that is over 28 characters, automatically seems to have the problem. Changing that code to [code] <if test="strlen( $package['p_name'] ) > 27"> {parse expression="IPSText::truncate( $package['p_name'], 27 )"} <else /> {$package['p_name']} </if> [/code] Seems to make it happy.
  5. Private Chat - Member Leaves

    This is probably related, so.. Just check if this fix fixed the other problem as well. If you start a private chat, then the "Leave" button no longer works. I would bet that these are the same problem, and your above fix corrected it. But.. Better safe than sorry. If it's legit, you can split it off, or start a new one, whatever.
  6. The problem is that when you go to blogs, it's not restricting the search results to blog entries. [code] SELECT tg.* FROM core_tags tg WHERE tg.tag_text IN ('SFO') ORDER BY tg.tag_id desc [/code] That query is run, which pulls everything. not just blog entries. Then.. That query is passed to this.. [code] SELECT b.entry_id, b.entry_name, b.entry_date, b.entry_num_comments,bl.* FROM blog_entries b LEFT JOIN blog_blogs bl ON ( bl.blog_id=b.blog_id ) WHERE b.entry_id IN(19,83,2940,2500,605,2405,2707,2972,3227,94,65,4,12,13,16,17,90,64,63,46,82,84,87,2499,2702,3043,2827,2757) LIMIT 0,201 [/code] And, if you happen to have a blog entry ID that matches the search.. It returns it, whether or not it has the tag on it. [code] $tags = classes_tags_bootstrap::run( 'blog', 'entries' )->search( $search_tags, array() ); [/code] May be out of date in /extensions/search/engines/sql.php?
  7. Just to verify.. I think you're right about this being a dupe.. But.. What's happening. You enter an event for 23:30 GMT -5 It's stored in the DB as [code] 2012-06-02 04:30:00 [/code] Which is correct. It's stored in the cache as [code] [event_start_date] => 2012-06-01 23:30:00 [/code] Which is also correct-ish. BUT.. the hooks.php file has this [code] if( !$u['event_all_day'] ) { if( $this->memberData['member_id'] AND $this->memberData['time_offset'] ) { $u['_start_time'] = $u['_start_time'] + ( $this->memberData['time_offset'] * 3600 ); } else if( !$this->memberData['member_id'] AND $this->settings['time_offset'] ) { $u['_start_time'] = $u['_start_time'] + ( $this->settings['time_offset'] * 3600 ); } [/code] Which, takes the user offset out again. So.. The problem here looks like the event start time is cached with the event timezone already taken into account. If you remove the above re-offset.. It works fine.. So long as the user viewing the event is in the same timezone as the event starter. So.. The long and short of this is that the date is cached WITH the offset applied. Which.. That seems to be the problem, because, without the event timezone that it's cached in noted.. You can't back it out and properly apply the actual user offset.
  8. Blog disabled and RSS feeds

  9. Blank Notifications when Publishing Later

    Inline notifications, though, I would assume this happens on email notifications as well the language is never loaded from what I can see. I took this line from the task file [code] $this->registry->getClass('class_localization')->loadLanguageFile( array( 'public_blog' ), 'blog' ); [/code] And, rather than loading it after the entry is approved, moved it to load the language as the first thing that happens when the task is run, and that seems to work,
  10. Images uploaded as guest

    I'd honestly put this as not a bug.. Everything that i've seen, this has tied back to the flash uploader, and NORMALLY, when the X_FORWARDED_FOR setting is amiss. Two people with the same IP upload at the same time.. User 1 starts, then user 2 starts.. Then, the IPs match, the session gets knocked off.. But.. I think this is mainly just a byproduct of the flash uploader.
  11. Upgrade failures

    It's back. 2 upgrades in 2 days where i've hit this.. Believe Ryan hit it a week or so ago as well.
  12. Thumbnails on albums

    And, if you view the album directly.. If you have an album set to Albums and Images, and go to the direct URL for that album, if there are no images in it.. It shows totally blank.. No options to go to the subalbums, no images.. Very confusing.
  13. Thumbnails on albums

    This also affects the Albums on forum view. If you have albums and images, it shows the subalbums Albums only, it shows the subalbums Images only, it shows images from the main album.
  14. Tax not charged on renewals

    Welcome back, old friend.. 1.4.2.. Same thing, automated renewal invoices don't have tax on them, if you click renew now, they do. http://screencast.com/t/l4ncIaov5DOW 1 day subscription there.. First one is the initial purchase. Second is the system generated renewal, third is clicking renew now. Counting from bottom to top.. Ticket 795964 for reference.
  15. Ranged events in upcoming events

    This still doesn't work in certain examples. Set an event for today, recurring yearly.. All day event. It won't show on the upcoming events hook. If it's an event that would run 11am to 2pm.. I've got my test forum down, so I'll check that and see if it would show or not.. I get what you're saying about it being midnight, but.. Since the task only runs once every 12 hours anyway.. Does it really matter if you're getting that technical in the programming? If an event happens at 11am, and the task runs at 10:58am.. Assuming that you're saying that SHOULD show.. It's still going to be there until 10:58pm anyway. Of course, that pushes it to the point where an all day event from today, if the cache rebuilds at 11:58pm, it'll be there until about noon the next day.. I'd just think that "Upcoming Events" should show events happening today, even if they've passed their allotted time. Either way, it's going to be 'wrong' unless we raise the frequency of the cache rebuild, but.. I think it would be seen as less wronger if an event showed a few hours longer than it should.