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  1. Clicking Existing Reactions

    My use of reactions has been primarily in Slack and Discord. Perhaps the more ephemeral nature of those (being chat applications rather than forums) is why they do it that way--hovering to see who reacted in a tooltip, clicking to also have that reaction yourself. Looking at Facebook however, I see that IPS's implementation is similar to theirs, which I imagine will actually be more natural to most people. In any case, I'm sure customizing it either way should just end up being a minor theme edit in the end!
  2. Right now, when you click an existing reaction (that is, someone else's reaction, with the number of users that had that reaction beside it), it opens the list of users with that reaction. However, in a lot of other applications that implement reactions, this actually adds that reaction for yourself. I realize this can probably be achieved with a small template change, but it just feels odd since I'm used to it adding that reaction for me, and instead I'm getting a modal. Perhaps clicking the number can show who had that reaction, and clicking the reaction itself can add it?
  3. Club Member API?

    I'm planning on programmatically creating clubs for each guild created in a game, so a built-in API to create clubs and manage members (at the least) would be great, otherwise I'll have to create my own for it. Ideally, the ability to update club visibility and add features via an API endpoint would be nice as well.
  4. The new activity streams feature is looking great and I can't wait to put it into use! However, I noticed that while it can filter content to show only specific users, it doesn't have an option to show content from certain groups. An additional option to only use content created while the user is/was actually in the group would be nice, too. Alternatively, when content highlights are eventually added, the ability to create activity streams for certain highlights would be a good way for me to achieve my goal as well. (I want to show developer posts for a game, and not every single post is relevant to the entire community.)
  5. I think one thing that IP.Board has been lacking in the past is an easier way to manage user groups. As new permissions are added in new versions, it becomes rather time consuming to update every user group to ensure these are set how we'd like, especially for anyone running a board with 10+ groups. It would be great if we could just have each group (optionally) inherit permissions from another group, and the ability to leave a permission blank in order to inherit it from the parent group. Right now, the only way to get anything close to this would be to assign tons of secondary groups, but in the end I think that just makes it more confusing to manage everything.
  6. What about PayPal Advanced?

    Keep in mind that in order to accept credit card payments directly on your site with a service such as PayPal, your server should be PCI DSS compliant. Even though, as Mark said above, Nexus doesn't support PayPal Advanced yet, it does include a payment gateway for Stripe, which allows your customers to enter their credit card information directly on your site, but the actual credit card number never gets sent to your server (it gets sent to Stripe's servers, which sends your server a 'token' to use that card). You'll probably also be happy to learn that Stripe doesn't have any monthly fees. You can learn more about IP.Nexus' most recent updates to payment gateways here, which also has more information on how Stripe works.
  7. Introducing IPS CDN Service

    So, does this mean that you'll also be adding some sort of pay-as-you-go credit feature to Nexus? If so, that would be awesome!
  8. The little things really add up. Some of these features are going to make my day just a bit easier, which is always a good thing. :)
  9. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Moderation

    Regarding letting users know why their post was deleted, why not add a new option (doesn't even need to be per-group) along the lines of "Allow users to see own hidden/deleted posts and reason?"
  10. With the recent addition of actions (and much more) to Facebook's Open Graph, are there any plans to take advantage of this in future versions IP.Board? More information about Open Graph is available here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/beta/opengraph/
  11. I like how the IPS enterprise demo request form has 'Over 9000' as an option for number of employees.

  12. Not working for me, either. I've tried adding a new mobile UA with just "Windows Phone OS" as the regex on my own and that doesn't seem to work, either (I'm still using 7.1, HTC HD7). Brandon, if you're interested in testing it yourself, the Windows Phone SDK includes an emulator. Otherwise, I'd be glad to keep checking back and testing as well.
  13. Unless there is a specific issue I did not test for, the editor here works fine in Firefox 3.6.13 for me. See my test post: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/339441-test-post/
  14. When you click Download for IP.Board, you'll get a dropdown. IP.Converge is an option from there. I've never used Joomla with IP.Converge, so I wouldn't be able to help you much with that. Install IP.Converge first, then try that again.
  15. You can, but instead of permission masks you'd use IP.Board template logic show it only to your staff groups. You'll need to use PHP's in_array if you want to show it to more than one group. <if test="$this->memberData['member_group_id'] == '4'"> parse the blocks </if>