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  1. I ran the upgrade last night to 4.1.10 everything seems to be functioning fine, however I have a few member's saying the background image is not showing for them. I have cleared website cache and checked database cleared any overhead. The background shows for me on my desktop and laptop on both my main account and test account. Could this be a stale cookie issue on my member's side after the upgrade maybe?
  2. Good deal thank you very much.
  3. Is it possible to make the button look like the submit button on this default ips theme?
  4. Thank you I did a search for "announcements" but search didn't produce anything.
  5. Anyone else experience this when I create Announcement with font size and color it shows it in editor and in modcp but everywhere it displays on the forum it shows default color and size. This is how and showed in editor and when you view it in modcp This is how it shows on the forum every where it is displayed
  6. Ok I have searched and came up with numerous answers.So I'm turning to my IPS peers, I want a logo that fits the top width of the page what is the "correct" size it should be?
  7. I have been out of IPB for awhile but I though you could get a sticky post to show in all forums? Or is there a plugin for this that I am missing?
  8. I tried that and it's not hiding it on mobile and it breaks the code on desktop view
  9. I have a css file I am trying to hide from mobile and I cannot seem to get the code right any help would be appreciated.
  10. last question I would have is there a way to hide this from the mobile version because it sort of breaks the footer.
  11. Ok It won't work like I wanted it to I'll have to leave it at bottom of footer it still serves the purpose. My member's wanted that feature versus having to scroll back up they will just have to deal with it's location. I'm just asking for more then this was actually coded for what I want is probably a whole new monster...lol Thanks for all the help still an excellent and must need feature.
  12. Well thank you for that I got it moved but with my backround fixed image and my forums scrolls fluid the back to top button doesnt stay in place when you scroll the forums page may have to just leave it on bottom of footer.
  13. http://www.huntingandtheoutdoors.com/ http://www.huntingandtheoutdoors.com/
  14. that dang thing will just not move lol
  15. I have tried left right 50px 100px and it does not seem to move at all here's a better picture of what im trying to do.
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