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  1. Nginx Rewrite rules for IPB 3.0

    thanks Ryan. Maybe someone could update the nginx wiki with this information. see: http://wiki.nginx.org/Configuration then maybe: http://wiki.nginx.org/IP.Board
  2. Great, I'm giving it a try. I used a urlencoded username, and password. I tried Step 2 after receiving the secure_hash (btw, it was the same one used in your example), and get this error: [#10193] We encountered a problem processing your login request. Please try again. update: tried step 2 again, worked. Step 3 error: [#10850.3] An internal error occurred. Please contact an administrator update: had to change the id after getting the right id from the client area, then it worked!
  3. Looks good Brett, will that work without replacing or overwriting anything important like uploads folder, etc? That first step should be community.invisionpower.com, I didn't see a secure_hash on www.invisionpower.com. I ran this: curl community.invisionpower.com | grep secure_hash
  4. That's very sexy! Most of the suggestions in this topic seem to be skin-related really. IP.Board already supports most of these features, as long as you skin it that way to my understanding.
  5. I've only read page 1 of this topic so if this has already been mentioned forgive me? :) I think the real strengths of the social networks are you can customize your information experience with the personal newsfeed (Twitter, or your Facebook default page). Only people, pages, news that you've selected appear but you still have the freedom to browse around anywhere if you'd like.
  6. There's a WordPress plugin that does most of this. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ipb-comments-for-wordpress/
  7. I got a 73 out of 100. The High Priority suggestion was: Leverage browser caching
  8. Members Online Today

    True, it wouldn't be 100% accurate, but would it be mostly accurate? Example (per TZ), if you expire the cache results every 5 minutes then it would never be more than 5 minutes difference? If I hadn't logged in for 24 hours and 3 minutes, then I would still show up but drop off in 2 to 5 minutes on the next run. Alternately, if I had just logged in for the first time in 24 hours, I wouldn't show up immediately but in less than 5 minutes I would be there. For someone who really wants to use this, these results could be good enough as a trade off for slightly less than 100% accuracy (99.6% accuracy?). Btw, my previous comment about a simple cache wasn't meant to mean it would be a simple modification to the code. Sorry about that. I meant simple to describe the type of cache, like maybe a flat file in the caches folder. These comments are only meant to brainstorm ideas, if you were open to it. I'm not trying to suggest you should do anything you don't want to do. :)
  9. Aha, I didn't catch that. Oops
  10. The first link (CCS_GATEWAY_CALLED) was about init failing. It would actually crash my apache when it happened, so I thought it might be what he was facing.
  11. Members Online Today

    I haven't seen the code. It was just an idea. Instead of doing the query every time, check if the results are still fresh and return the results of the previously cached query instead of performing the expensive query again.
  12. Members Online Today

    Could add a simple cache that expires every X minutes?
  13. This could be a possibility, CCS_GATEWAY_CALLED http://community.inv...y-init-failing/ These articles might prove useful as well: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/articles.html/_/ipboard-3x/developer-articles/ Notably Log a User In and Out, I saw this: IP.Board 3.2 Changes for this code to work with IP.Board 3.2 you will need to replace all instances of $_REQUEST['username'] with $_REQUEST['ips_username'] $_REQUEST['password'] with $_REQUEST['ips_password']
  14. What could he be referring to do you think?
  15. The OP might have misunderstood something that many of us are aware of only because we've been here long enough to know the ropes. Maybe there's a better way to clarify the support forums situation to avoid this.