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  1. Download: Space Univers

    How do we safely update the skin without destroying all our previous customisations?
  2. Download: Stop Spammer Registration

    I'm the local System Grand Moff, I delegate the webmastering to the lower ranking officers while I over see the Server now ;) In short, I build them, deal with the server, and let each detachment's webmaster deal with the day to day business ;) You should visit www.501st.com and join the Legion, it's fun. We might send ya some Imperial credits sometime, keep up the good work against the Rebels! (Spammers)
  3. Download: Stop Spammer Registration

    The Empire Thanks you for your assistance Cyrem, the Emperor is pleased and will spare your home planet from the Death Star's Laser :wink: (I'll go and edit that bit o' anti-spam code now, much appreciated Cyrem) I've also updated my sig, there's definitely more sites under my wing now.
  4. Download: Stop Spammer Registration

    Hi Cyrem, Just wanted to know where I can go to edit the subject line for the "User Registration Block" messages, I'd like to remove the (username) portion of it, this would allow GMail and some other emails to "Thread" the email into one subject, instead of getting repeated Inbox spam shown on Jay's earlier post. Subject Line Before: User Registration Block (ImASpammer) After: User Registration Block The contents of the message can remain the same though. I just want to avoid something like this from Jay's earlier post
  5. Download: Space Univers

    Yeah, I also have to second Elhaym's comment, where is 1.1.2? I am finding parts of the skin don't seem to look correct, like light text on white graphics. I'm either guessing this was missed during the creation process, or that it was repaired in the missing 1.1.2 which doesn't seem to be online.
  6. is busy riding around Endor on his Speeder Bike.