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  1. @Adriano Faria whenever you visit Tracking Members logs Follow Member and Message buttons showing under each others while in the normal profile they are next to each other. I hope you will fix this next release, and also it will be nice if you add Banned from forums button for whoever has the application.
  2. opps I just came back from a long day at work. I didn't even finish reading your reply @Adriano Faria
  3. Glad it worked out for you Claude. 🙂
  4. How to did you get your hands on 4.5 and in the client area it's not released yet?
  5. @Claude I just noticed that the second theme 4.2 in the ACP default theme. Go to the default theme press on edit, and then find under General Default AdminCP Theme? Then turn it on. Next save and reload. I believe this will fix your issue.
  6. It wouldn't do any harm. Go to the ACP from General Configuration put your website on OFFLINE mode, and then start uploading then it will be replacing the old files. After that upgrade. I have a good feeling it will fix the issue.
  7. You can do one thing that might fix it. Download and upload last version of IPS. Then go to yoursite.com/admin/upgrade This wouldn't hurt to try it might fix the issue.
  8. Good idea. Also, what makes this future even better is having another button after "Expand" the quote/code named "Hide" to shrink it back.
  9. @Marko Krunic since you've just migrated to a new server, and as @Daniel F said above your problem is with SQL connection. You must setup the same username and password form the SQL connection you were using on old server, and it must have permission to the same database name you are using. You can get those information from conf_global.php $INFO = array ( 'sql_host' => 'localhost', 'sql_database' => 'databasename', 'sql_user' => 'username', 'sql_pass' => 'password',
  10. It's completely fine to have that error message, but is it possible to add more information under that error?
  11. What about my request @Adriano Faria ?
  12. @Matt Maybe you guys would add this request to 4.5 release.
  13. @Adriano Faria A request to add an option to add a custom error message instead of "Error code: BAN FROM TOPICS - VIEW TOPIC/2". For both applications ban from topics and forums. Graces.
  14. The new update works very fine.
  15. @Adriano Faria Whenever the topic is huge, and it has many replied from members, the page doesn't load any more. Then
  16. This is nice. As I said it is for future plans. Thank you for your nice and fast respond.
  17. I have a request for a future update for both banned from forum and topics applications. It would be nice if we can ban a member for a specific time ( temporary ) or permanently. Such as normal IPS warning issue.
  18. So we can't eliminate a certain group from being banned from the forums?
  19. Adriano why there is no sittings for groups list from these groups can be banned for Banned Members From Forums 4.1.0? Like Banned Members From Topics.
  20. I know about this, but what I am looking for is just similar to that option. On a specific forums reputation doesn't count.
  21. For a long time IPS has an option to stop increasing the content counts in the forum sittings, and it would be lovely if we have the same option to stop the counts of the reputations.
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