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  1. Perhaps since IPS will use the support forum to submit tickets you guys IPS dev team might come with a new setting mark as processing with yellow highlight, and whenever the issue is fixed you can mark the new reply from IPS support team as solution. Moreover, whenever it's marked as solution it will remove the mark as processing automatically because the solution is finally here.

  2. 7 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

    Nice suggestion! We were thinking of possibly implementing tags somehow. This would be a great thing to discuss in its own dedicated topic 🥲 Appreciate the feedback! 

    Perhaps since IPS will use this forum to submit tickets you guys IPS dev team might come with a new setting mark as processing with yellow highlight, and whenever the issue is fixed you can mark the new reply from IPS support team as solution. Moreover, whenever it's marked as solution it will remove the mark as processing automatically because the solution is finally here.  

  3. 9 hours ago, Jim M said:

    Thanks for the steps/videos. I was able to reproduce this and got together some steps/further info for our developers. I reported this internally so our developers review and a fix will be available in a future maintenance release. Thanks for reporting this!

    Finally someone gets it. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

    I'm still unable to replicate the issue here in any way. Are you using the latest release of the platform there?

    If you are really paying attention to my replies, you would notice I answered your question dear.



    Moreover, this issue is since 4.6 version. 

  5. 34 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

    Sorry, Im a little confused here. Is it the member whos post was create who cannot post anonymously, rather than the person who is editing?

    I guess yes. The person whois editing is in Admin group that has access to post anonymously, and the admin is just editing any post was posting by any member's group who doesn't have access to post anonymously on any forum that has anonymous content feature enabled.

    This message shows to me as admin while trying to edit other members replies. 

    If you do the 8 steps I mentioned above, trust me you will understand it. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Marc Stridgen said:

    Created a test group which allowed anonymous posting

    No. As I mentioned above the message shows to a member in a group that can't post anonymously. ( Admin is editing this member's reply) 

    Look what you should do in order to see this message. 

    1. A test forum that has allow anonymous content feature enabled. 

    2. You can use the member group. Create a new member in this group for testing, and this group has no permission to post anonymously.

    3. Admin group has permission to post anonymously.

    4. Create a new topic on the test forum. 

    5. Login as the new member and reply to the topic that was created by the Admin. 

    6. Reply to the topic ( Remember this group has no permission to post anonymously, so this member won't be able to see the option), Just add any random comment. 

    7. Logout from the member's account. 

    8. Finally, login in as an Admin and edit the test member reply, and now you will see this message. 


    Now after you have seen this message. Give permission to member group to post anonymously, and then go back to the same reply and edit it. You won't see the message again, yet if you remove the permission and edit the test member reply you will see the message each time you are trying to edit it.  

    BTW I am using latest version of IPS. 

  7. Finally I have just figured out why I am seeing this message. 


    It's really sad there were no error logs to show, and we have tried before to find what causing this in this topic.


    The bug is related to the new anonymous content new feature. 

    How this message shows. 

    • Forum that has allow anonymous content feature enabled. 
    • Admin group or staff groups have permission to post anonymously (can post anonymously enabled for the group)

    This message shows whenever the staff members who can edit any member's post/reply trying to edit a member's reply to the topic where forum has allow anonymous content feature enabled and this member group has no permission to post anonymously. 

    The message will not show any more if you give that member group permission to post anonymously or disable this feature from forum settings, and only shows whenever staff members trying to edit the reply of a member who has no permission to post anonymously where this feature enabled on the selected forum. 

    After this message shows, and the topic still saying saving.... 


    Yet it never ends, but if you refresh the page you will noticed it's already saved. 


    Hopefully you guys fix this bug because it wasn't easy to find after all this time especially it doesn't has any error logs.  

  8. 5 minutes ago, BradTBP said:

    Thanks @Afrodude.  Any other possibilities?

    This is the only way to do that. It wouldn't get messy at all. Just disable the setting I mentioned above in order that new group wouldn't show anywhere. Also, you never know you might have more members follow this member and wanted to buy more giving reactions, so having it as secondary group is the only solution.

  9. It's okay dear you can tell that it's easier for you to remove something instead of fixing it, and not end up giving false and incorrect information about it. I am aware you are overwhelmed with your work, and all what I did is just reported a bug in order to be fixed not to be completely removed. If anyone would report a bug to a developer or to you end up by deleting it from the source code then I recommend it's better not doing this kind of work since it's very stressful.

  10. There is something strange with profile fields, and I just noticed the issue on this forum too.

    The profile fields doesn't display pictures anymore 



    Total file submissions: 1 instead of contributor.png.b0328c9312b15f955ce6f80f30815fb4.png


    So now profile fields doesn't display pictures, and display anything shouldn't be displayed whenever you are having html costumed profile field.  


  11. 1 minute ago, Adriano Faria said:

    It's already removed and new version submitted.

    Why ? How come you removed something just like that dear. What you mentioned above is incorrect there is no duplicated. 

  12. 5 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

    As a moderator, you are already notified when another moderator comments on a report. No need to duplicate things.

    How? There is no way you are notified in reports comments unless someone mentioned you or you go through the reports yourself. 

  13. @Adriano FariaI found a small bug. 

    If you are tracking a member, it will show the links under "Description" what he has visited. It's working fine of everything but reports, and it doesn't show/add the link where the staff member add a comment.


  14. 2 hours ago, AtariAge said:

    I like your suggestions. Since people can continue to read the topic by simply logging off or using another account, allowing people read-only access to the topic would be nice. And I also like the idea of putting someone on moderation preview for a single topic rather than banning them entirely from the topic.  I'd probably use that option first if it was available, depending on the circumstances of the individual's post or posts in said topic.


    Yes. Specially I have some members they get themselves into a fight because of a political news topic. 😪

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