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  1. $10.00

    Power Contest

    Power Contest Plugin for IP.Board
    This plugin we’ve created allows you to facilitate and run posting contests on your forums.  The entire process of keeping track and calculating points is all done automatically in real-time.
    By running posting contests you can generate more traffic, encourage fresh & quality content creation, and reward your users.
    Power Contest includes a full page dedicated to viewing, searching, sorting and filtering results along with a widget you can add to your forum’s home/index page.
    1. Contest Start Date – Define date to begin the contest
    2. Contest End Date – Define date to end the contest
    3. Points Per Reaction Received – Define how many points a reaction to your post or thread is worth
    4. Points Per Thread/Topic – Define how many points a new topic is worth
    5. Points Per Post – Define how many points a post is worth
    6. Minimum Post Length – Define how many characters a post must be to qualify for points
    7. Forums to Include – Define what forums to include/exclude from the contest
    8. Groups to Include – Define which user groups are eligible/excluded from the contest
    9. Contest Module Permissions – Setting for user groups allowed to view the “Current Standings” front end application
    1. Login to the AdminCP and navigate to the “Applications” tab.
    2. Click the “Install” button.
    3. Select the Application file and click Install
    4. Now that your application is installed you can configure the settings by navigating to Community -> Power Contest -> Settings
    5.  Next go to your theme and setup the new navigation item so that users can find the Power Contest statistics on the front end if desired.
    View the demo!
    Support & Feature Requests
    All support is provided on our Web Development Forums.  If you have a feature you’d like to request you can do so by posting it here.

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