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  1. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    I'll have to update that text. I revamped that whole section in the last release for 4.2 compatibility, and sorting by usage is no longer realistic (too resource-intensive).
  2. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    I don't know. I haven't seen that problem myself, but maybe it changed in a recent release. I'll look into it at some point.
  3. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    What page is that screenshot from? Missing context.
  4. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    Sure, that's possible. All CSS. The default prefix formatting has style="...", you just need to fill in the dots. color: gold; makes colored text. background: black; makes black background. http://www.corelangs.com/css/text/csscolor.html
  5. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    Okay, I'll investigate. Won't have any short-term solution.
  6. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    Is that on the latest version? Correct. Feel free to PM me.
  7. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    I'm not aware of any such issue, I can't really help with installer errors like that though. Contact IPS support?
  8. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    I'll look into that, thanks.
  9. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Your best bet would be doing it in the database, table core_tags. It will require knowledge of SQL, and you should back up the DB first. After removing the tags you don't want, you can rebuild the tag cache (AT&P advanced tool) and reindex search (IPS tool) to get everything back in sync.
  10. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    Hm, I'll look into that. Yeah, do it, shouldn't hurt.
  11. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    Nothing's broken though. It just looks a little off. It's nothing to do with the bold text, just styling. It shouldn't be hard to work around, I'm just not going to publish a release just for that. I missed it on the last update.
  12. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    No change. Not considering it a breaking issue.
  13. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    Can you give more context? Before/after screenshots?