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Entry Comments posted by AndyF

  1. Before I read this article I had wrongly assumed the 'F Word' was going to be FaceBook :D

    Regarding the naming of forums @Matt yes I know what you mean exactly, this seems sometimes more prevalent in those who perhaps started their 'online life' when other social media platform were already in existence.

    A small point I do recall a time where it was more common to call 'Forums' 'Boards' instead , whereas now generally speaking 'Community' seems more appropriate and slightly more all-encompassing even if the site only contains a 'forum' , people seem to be happier to recognise it from that descriptor word, at least as I see it anyway. :)

  2. On 3/7/2019 at 2:36 PM, BankFodder said:

    Finally I have to say that the support here is excellent. I felt rather embarrassed with the amount of questions I was bombarding the Invision team with that even if they got fed up, they never let it show.

    No don't worry about that at all. 🙂 If you have a question/concern/enquiry feel free at any point to simply ask in a support ticket.

  3. Excellent.

    Obviously, you will not be able to migrate any custom themes or custom modifications

    If you do not mind @Joel R I wanted to slightly expand on this.

    Those looking to move from VB to the IPS Suite should not see the quoted text as any form of barrier at all.  On the contrary:

    It is highly likely that a suitable replacement Theme (VB owners may be more familiar with the term 'style') will be available for their newly converted IPS Suite that either closely matches their original design or is something highly suitable.

    A look at the quality themes on offer in the IPS Marketplace by third parties should I think satisfy the majority of those converting over from their VB based community to IPS in that they will be able to find something their community approves of.

    Speaking very briefly of modifications, it is quite possible the functionality they required a third party addition on their VB site is possibly built into the IPS Suite, negating the need to look for a replacement. Again a cursory glance at the Marketplace may well reveal something suitable to use in the cases where its something specific in mind, or alternatively a post perhaps in the Peer to Peer support forums where other IPS Suite clients would perhaps be able to point the newly converted Client to a suitable file in the Marketplace to suit their needs.


    My closing remarks to those considering the move 'over' if you're in any doubt then why not just try out the free 5 day demo to get a feeling of the IPS Suite 'under the hood' so to speak, and I think you'll be very happy with what you see here. 🙂

  4. 11 hours ago, da1Bear said:

    how many bink'n clocks do you remember seeing?

    Far too many! :D

    11 hours ago, da1Bear said:

    Especially if it is in a 3-ring binder, again, as an example, since any updated pages could then be printed and simply inserted to re-place the out-date one.

    This was done at one point, well there was a book way way back iirc. Problem really being the speed at which software development moves (generally, not just here) compared to physical paper book publication...

  5. 5 hours ago, da1Bear said:

    I think that AndyF has touched upon a few somethings that is extremely important whether you are the sysadmin or a member / user.

    There used to be printed documentation (both User and Manager) for the board software and certainly as an Admin or Moderator one must be completely familiar with how to manage certain aspects of the board

    Thank you. 🙂

    I think for the 'user experience' a heavy read is too much (think back to when you last purchased something electronic with a large manual, although ancient these days a VCR is still a good example) , not many would read the manual unless they had problems.

    All I think I'm saying really is a few 'keep it simple' short and sweet 'how do I' or 'What happened to' paragraphs are usually enough for those members to find their feet in the new environment. Generally that seems to be OK and those that still have any concerns would usually initiate contact with the site staff.

    Detailed erm stuff, that's fine for those who want it (some members/users may) and for the site owners/admin's who will no doubt want it too.

  6. I'm going to skip the security part with regards to staying up to date as well as taking backups etc as that's well covered. I wanted to speak a little about the 'community' rather than 'sysadmin' side:


    I think one of the concerns admins may have with a major version update aside from any third party addons they use (although a good thinking admin will have already spent a few minutes looking for updated versions of these anyway well in advance and likely obtained and tested them) is simply ensuring two things:

    1. That the community is informed it is being upgraded, this is really only a concern in most cases if its a large upgrade (say for instance coming from a competitors software or perhaps say a 2x or 3x to 4x upgrade)

    2. Providing initial 'helping hands' guides where needed. Only needed really for major changes.

    Let me expand on (1) , by this I mean giving the community plenty of notice of this, ideally with some screenshots of the 'new' community and where possible a private test site of it where a few trusted members can post / play with it and give their thoughts. The time factor here is quite important I feel.

    To expand a bit on (2) A few simple guides, even if they are just a couple of sentences each such as "how do I now do xyz" or "what happened to xyz" or "where is xyz" , these things can go a long way to help avoid problems provided they are kept simple and straightforward, ideally just a few essential words. Those who need more information will be able to ask or find it easily enough.

    I should point out I've not read Matt's guide before I wrote the above (honest) but I expect it will likely touch on these points.

  7. Seems very good. 😀

    I was actually caught out as it error'ed out but a few seconds investigation showed this was because I was running php 7.0.10 , rather than 7.1+ as indicated!
    🙂 Oops!

    EDIT... If anyone wanted to know what the error was, I'm just posting this for reference really as it may be useful to someone, if they see this or something similar, verify your php/mysql versions in use:

    "Uncaught ErrorException: Class IPS\Request could not be loaded. Ensure it has been properly prefixed with an underscore and is in the correct namespace. in ***************\init.php:410"

    As above , ensuring that you are using a suitable php (and mysql!) version helps! 😄

  8. 4 hours ago, DamonT said:

    I don't know if this is good idea. For example if you set 50% and content of post would be "OK" then you will get 1 letter in email notification like "O" 😉

    Only if its > x characters then. Something I should of mentioned sorry, I did half think about it. You raise an excellent point though if its a tiny reply like that.

    "Only show x % of content" , "Do not apply the restriction if the content is less than x characters" :)


  9. I thought again about my suggestion of x characters, this is not going to work out well as it might appear aside from asigning unsuitable values depending on the content being mailed its not a "one fits all" solution. A slightly better idea would be to do it on a percentage basis:

    "Limit to x percent" so it could be set to say 25% or 50% , the downside of this is it may be slightly resource intensive to calculate it

  10. 17 minutes ago, DamonT said:

    It would be nice to have built-in option to trim post content in notification emails. Firstly, it would be better for community, because if someone have to click link to read the content there is much bigger chance that he will reply in this topic

    That does make sense in that it ensures if the reader is interested they return to the community get the "whole content" 🙂

    Are you suggesting (just a thought) an additional setting: Something like "limit to x characters" , it probably would work with sane values applied.

  11. 2 hours ago, Midnight Modding said:

    I never thought about why someone would use multiple monitors, but it's pretty obvious now... and it does get annoying switching between multiple programs on 1 monitor when working on something.

    And I bet it comes in really handy for gaming, but I don't pc game.

    I used to think similar until I found a need for it, its just not always practical to have a huge single monitor when two or three separate ones would work better as you can have your ongoing works in one and listings / tasks / other bits in the others.

  12. Unfortunately I do not appear to have a working camera at this moment in time, however I do have an older pic and it has not changed *that* much:


    Mainly the difference between that pic and now:

    1. The 'giant button' phone (some people mocked this but I quite liked it!) is no longer there

    2. The tower unit under the desk was a AMD PhenomX6 unit, this has been replaced with a HP Workstation tower (couple of Xeon's in it)

    3. The tiny desktop which was just asking at a 'monitor plinth' is no longer there either.

    Otherwise, its just the same. ?

  13. 17 hours ago, Hatsu said:



    Ah BlueMax, I remember it reasonably well although I played the Sinclair/Timex version. :)

    Left (loading screen) , Right (in-game screen) from said version:


    I have to be honest I was with some games more interested in the loading schemes and their associated code rather than the game itself. Not for this title though this was quite reasonable all in all.

  14. ZX Spectrum** in 1984, see I'm showing my age now *sigh* :D

    **This was sold as a  'Timex' for those 'across the pond', well it was almost the same machine anyway.

    Later on, a BBC Micro. I still code a little bit to this day for the Spectrum too, being involved in the 'retro' scene as such, and we have released a few new games over the past couple of years although they are based on a core engine of an existing game, extensively modified however in nearly every way.

    I do not have much of a 'collection' these days although I have somehow managed to hang on to about 60% of the tape based software I purchased 'back then' although I do own a couple of Spectrums and a few BBC Micro's  as well as an Amstrad 464 and an Oric Atmos, all were very good machines in their day in their own ways.

    I did have a slightly similar thing happen to me as happened to Matt regarding 'teacher incorrectly assuming' things, most annoying at the time. :) this too on the BBC Micro as that was used in about 95% of schools "back then" given its general ruggedness and ease of expansion.



    3 hours ago, The Heff said:

    What, nobody first used the Acorn Electron?

    So many memories. :aww:

    A school friend had one , complete with the plus3 and plus 1 'expansions' IIRC. They had the ADFS "L shaped" addon drive for sure. It was a decent machine, my only real caveat about it was the lack of Mode7 really as the other modes ate a bit too much precious ram...

  15. For the curious: I do not watch that much TV these days in general, with exceptions being various documentaries.

    Currently however I'm watching the late 60's sci-fi series 'The Invaders' as and when it is showing on TV and my PVR decides to actually behave and record it. :) I do have an interest in 60's and 70's sci-Fi series's generally however although I have not seen that many apart from the odd episode here and there.

  16. Regarding Release Announcements, I really do thing it's necessary. There are tons of users that does not go to ACP everyday. Follows Release Notes only tells me when you add a new version (in development). It doesn't send a notification when you change the current version.

    One way around this would be a front end block that only shows to admins and only if the version running < the latest. I guess I'm thinking like a sidebar block or something.

  17. Does this mean that removed content no longer exists, if posts are deleted immediately when a mod presses delete? If so, I'm not sure I like this as I prefer to see what has been deleted


    You'd not give them delete permission but ensure they had 'hide' permission in that case then, if I read it correctly. :) Then they'd be able to remove the content (and maybe not view it themselves so as far as they are concerned its gone) but you'll still see it and decide to restore or remove for good.

  18. :) Good to know that a ban will not effect other sites unless its ACP initiated.


    Out of interest do warns such as mod queue (initiated on the front end) propagate ? I can see this working either way really in advantages / disadvantages. Perhaps from the ACP maybe.

  19. I didn't read the blog post, but I read through the comments.


    I have always had a good vibe from this site, I'm relatively new here.


    This is starting to feel very vB like.  When I was with them it seemed like all they cared about was money.  I'm not saying that is what this enhancement is (again, I didn't read it), but please don't start down that slippery slope.  It's obvious they dug a hole they will not climb out of and will likely be out of business soon.


    I'd take a moment to read / re-read the Blog post. :) , that won't be happening here, IPS are nothing like VB from what I know and understand.

  20. Oh boy.  It's just my opinion (and I've been doing the computer thing before PC's were around) spam detection (forum security) should be an inherent feature not an optional component in forum software. While I never minded paying for what I get, I don't believe that security in any product should be optional and a costly one at that. 

    So have I from the early/mid 80's ;) My first machine loaded from tape and had 48K, I still do a bit of coding for that platform occasionally too.


    I don't think you've read it as intended though, I see it as an 'extra' ie more 'admin control' for the spam service for those communities that require it. I do not see anything being 'taken away' :smile:

  21. With features that already exist? That's what I'm trying to clarify. If one of those features already exists in IP.Board or not.


    I think the idea is you 'fine tune' the Spam Service to suit your community via the Client Area, ie make it 'stronger' or 'weaker', to put it one way.


    A member of staff will have to clarify obviously. :)

  22. Clients interested in purchasing can contact Sales or Customer Service to see if it is right for them. :smile:


    Would like to suggest its added to the CC so a Client can choose to add it the same way they'd add another product or say copyright removal etc. :)

  23. ACP -> Members -> Ban Filters


    Nobody can register with any IP, email, or user name (something not in the spam service) listed in those filters. The usage of that function in IP.Board is exactly as described in the blog entry above, unless I've been using it wrong all this time. :tongue:


    Or...is the ban filters being removed in IPS 4.0?


    I think you misread it. :) I read it as (putting it simply) fine-tuning of the spam service for those communities that require it.

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