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Status Updates posted by AndyF

  1. Not sure what happened to the summer season this year, I must of blinked and missed it...

    1. AndyF


      And I like the 'colder' seasons too, just I like them balanced out a bit rather than 'not warm' and 'cold' seasons only hehe...

  2. I've been asked a couple of times about legacy version support, the answer is yes but *only* in this forum in a topic not via PM or other method.

    1. AndyF


      And not lower than 2x please

  3. Quite a few new staff members lately. "Welcome" :D

  4. Seems the 'Recent Status Updates' is back on the board index.

  5. Andy would love to see an error code listing for IPS4, the same way we had one for (most of) 3x :)

  6. For some reason Skype tells me its your birthday today but iirc its in August, hmm...

  7. Just noticed your high content count. Hmm can't be right surely ? :)

  8. AndyF

    Interesting photo Matt. :)

  9. Twas the night before Christmas and not a creature was stirring, not even an IP.Mouse

    1. Ricw


      Said to have missed this. I'll catch it next year.

    2. AndyF


      Its OK it will keep. :)

  10. Andy wonders why post counts dropped substantially, not that it matters really just curious...

  11. Gorgeously beautiful profile pic <3 :wub:

    My connectivity is *highly* limited at the moment (long story and involving a temp workaround of a 56k modem!) but I will hopefully catch up for a chat soon if we can, been ages. :(:D

    1. Morrigan


      Thank you! Miss talking to you too!

  12. Your 'about me' needs updating :P $age=$age+1

  13. 10/10/84 ;) :D :D :D

    1. Nuclear General

      Nuclear General

      Your birthday I take it? :) Happy B-Day if so man!! xD

    2. AndyF


      Thanks! :) No not my birthday, a bit more complicated than that.

    3. Nuclear General
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