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  1. I might be wierd, but the only improvement I'm desperate for is the ability to add Captcha to the 'Contact us' bit, so I won't have my e-mail clogged up with fake spam users. I guess I should be able to do something to stop it but brain can't cope.
  2. Good grief - that is FAR too complicated for me, lol. I'll have to put up with the spam until my IT-type husband has time. Thanks.
  3. Aaagghh - and I can't even FIND Captcha settings. Invisionboard has grown FAR more complicated since I first started using it - about 14 years ago. I just can't keep up.
  4. Mmm - will check that - but I don't allow Guests to post at all anyway.
  5. Please - there must be an answer to this?
  6. lol, I don't think I've had any from India lately - seems to be Russia and Spain. But mine are just using the Contact Us form - not registering.
  7. Since the last upgrade, I have been inundated with them. What can I do (keep it simple please - I struggle with IT.)
  8. Just wanted to say a public thank you to the guys who give us such great technical support - particularly Jason H - who tonight has restored my forum AND upgraded it (from 2.4 to the latest version) in just a couple of hours from the request being put in. Have had a ghastly 3 days with my server being hacked so badly it was totally unfixable. Getting a new server commissioned, salvaging data, and getting everything working again has been an absolute nightmare - and I could have killed a couple of technicians at my server hosts AND my server administrators by the end of it. And the end bit was the restore and upgrade of my busy subscription forum. I was DREADING it all going wrong - or taking days - or ... But it was clockwork!! :thumbsup:
  9. I'm with you Jinkler - my site has been subscription only for about 5 years - and no problem with fraud at all (thankfully!)
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