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  1. Basic Points (Support)

    A bit like the integration with commerce whereby members can use credits against items in downloads app, maybe as others suggested, allow to set events, like new registrations, login, daily reward etc, the admin can create the events and set the x amount of credits a member receives, like the credits system used in xenforo, it integrates with resources (downloads plugin) and allows, from a set list, events to be created. I can provide screens from the xf system if it helps explain better.
  2. Basic Points (Support)

    is this going to be integrated for use with downloads on ips 4 at all....
  3. Suspected Ban Evaders

    Will this be updated for IPS 4?
  4. Custom Moderator Team Page

    will you be updating for ips 4 please?
  5. will you be updating for ips 4 please?
  6. will you be updating for ips 4 please?
  7. Upgrade Question

    As of yet there isn't as far as I can see a way to import any bans you currently have on 3.4.x, so if a site uprades to 4.0.8 or whatever latest is at the time, does it import these also?
  8. will this be updated for ips 4?
  9. [HQ] Badges

    Do we have to buy again for ips 4?
  10. (DP34) iHost

    will you be continuing development of this for ips 4?
  11. will this be updated for 3.4.8 or ips 4? also I think you had no purchasers, is the price maybe, if it was like $7.50 people may have purchased it, i know I would have
  12. 6-Second Skin Maker

    any more updates coming?
  13. Window 8 Style.

    will this ever be updated
  14. Haxon

    is it possible to change the forum icons, read, unread, redirect etc?
  15. [GF] Minecraft

    I'll sort it this week