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  1. IPB Image Slider

    This product is still supported and still works as intended. Support requests are handled via my email which can be accessed via the support documents with the file. Thanks!
  2. Beacon

    Yes, the skin still works fine :)
  3. [IPBSkinning.com] Sylo Pro

    Feel free to email me and I'll help you out :)
  4. Simples

    if you go into the skin CSS you will see this: #textlogo { float: left; font-family: 'open sans condensed'; font-size: 31px; padding-left: 14px; padding-top: 32px; text-transform: uppercase; } Simply change the font family to whatever you like. Let me know if you need more specific help!
  5. IPB Image Slider

    At the moment this isn't possible no. However, I will be releasing a new version of this slider when IPB 4 is released and I will add this to the potential feature list. Thanks!
  6. Simples

    Once you purchase the file it should give you a download link. Any problems, shoot me an email.
  7. Simples

    Thank you for alerting me to these issues. They will be fixed in an update coming soon.
  8. IPB Image Slider

    Send me a PM with your website address and I'll help you troubleshoot!
  9. [IPBSkinning.com] Sylo Pro

    I'll add some files :)
  10. IPB Image Slider

    If you send me a PM with your website address I'll look into the issue for you :)
  11. Nexus Buy Now Link BBCode

    If anybody is having trouble getting this to work in the latest version of IPB I have a solution: Find: @header("Location: " . ipsRegistry::getClass('output')->buildUrl('app=nexus&section=store&do=add&id='.$id.'&k=' . $reg->member()->form_hash) ); And replace with: $newurl = html_entity_decode("Location: " . ipsRegistry::getClass('output')->buildUrl('app=nexus&section=store&do=add&id='.$id.'&k=' . $reg->member()->form_hash)); @header($newurl); I apologise if this isn't the best way to do this - however it seems to work for me. Hope that helps anyone out!
  12. Simples

    I'm not too sure what you mean - users themseleves decide on the colour of their signature text :) Get in touch with me :)
  13. IPB Image Slider

    To only have it appear in Ip.content you need to set it up as an Ip.Content block. To have it on one particular page it would need to be in that specific page's html somewhere. Let me know if you need any help. :)
  14. [IPBSkinning.com] Sylo Pro

    It would appear that it's not reading the CSS. If you read the documentation that details how to do everything. :) Let me know if you need any help.
  15. [IPBSkinning.com] Sylo Pro

    I do charge a very small fee for copyright removal. Get in touch if you'd like me to do it for you. :)