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Status Updates posted by Woodsman

  1. 1 year 13 days.

  2. The move from Ripon to Saukville was and still is a total disaster.... If I ever need to move again I will hire the 3 blind mice and Dr. Dolittle.

  3. Spent more Ca-Ching on this move than was planed. Lost even more on what was left behind.

  4. There back to a younger me, a little mysterious and less frightening.

  5. Glad its OVER! 4 weeks with that blasted virus tearing up my lungs, muscles and joints. I would rather have been run over by a Peterbuilt.

  6. Getting more Orn'ry in my old age.... My Grandfather should be PROUD!

  7. Trying the Mechanical Cigarette to cut back on tobacco... Here is the difference. Smoke particles plug your lungs. This new device reaches down and rips your dirty lungs out..... Nice Trade Off!

  8. Testing with Windows Technical Preview (Windows 10 beta test.

  9. Let me rephrase this.... As of last reboot it is no longer getting ready to let loose...

  10. DeJaVu all over again.... Have another TB primary drive getting ready to let loose

  11. Just got back from my Doctor....

    He thinks my problem is that "I am still alive"

    >_< :cry:

  12. According to the Surgeon General: "CAUTION" Internet Explorer 11 may be HAZARDOUS to your monitors health.

  13. Reverted back to IE 9 as a test browser... IE 11 still to many bugs

  14. Back from my fishing trip... Time to get some rest!

  15. Has a life just can't remember where I put it...

  16. I have come to the conclusion that most people on the road have been turned down by their banks for a loan for common sence!

  17. Yes But we are getting your after shock.... and you thought I didn't like Mini-Snow-Ta for the Vikings

  18. The beard is a bit shorter today...

  19. The Move is done... But I said this before...

  20. Anyone else have a problem with that stupid fish logo in Windows 8.1?

  21. Now the PROUD owner of my 3rd Community Suite Lic...

  22. Setting up a new VPS Hosting package... Stil liked it better before I lost my server...

  23. This is because Facebook is trying to reinvent the broken wheel

  24. Working on Test site and 3.4.x skin compliancy's.

  25. Just Sayin' Hey!

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