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  1. Enkidu 3D Tags Cloud

    Hi there. I know this is for 3.x, but is it possible to change it to make it work for 3.1.4 ? Specifically, is it possible for you to make it work on 3.1.4 (because I am brain dead when it comes to these matters) :D Thanks Brian
  2. Download: Fusion Menu

    Thanks Richard C. That would be great. Brian
  3. Download: Fusion Menu

    Hiya. Just wondered how to add a inverted ^ to infer its a drop down menu ? And I'd like to change the shade of the dropdown background (its currently black) Please and thank you :D Brian
  4. The worst/dumbest thing you've done to/on your site?

    Only last week I setup a cron job to backup the database. I set it wrong and it was running every hour. Server was crawling along. Two days before I copped it :nuke: Tee heee heee.
  5. Gallery Album Images Slider Block[33]

    Thanks for that M. Tech. I will give it a whirl. I appreciate your time and effort. Brian
  6. Gallery Album Images Slider Block[33]

    Hi M. Tech. Thanks for your responses. I have replicated the JS error btw, when I enter a cache time for the block - TTL and reload the portal thats when the JS errors appear. What I would like to happen when a member clicks the thumbnail is to open the image in the lightbox but include a link to the image in the members gallery. Thanks again. Brian
  7. Gallery Album Images Slider Block[33]

    The js error I get (got was) is: Message: 'ipb.idmportal.scroller' is null or not an object Gallery is Version 3.3.2, Downloads is Version 2.3.0 Having deleted the block and re-imported it it works as you say out of the box. When I change the title and reload it, it then gave the js error. I have deleted it again, and reloaded it (again) and then changed the title and it previews fine. Its totally bizaare. The most recent bizaare thing I noticed was on the forum was the you tube tag no longer parsing video. I did submit a ticket, and before it was replied to, the you tube tags worked again and I closed the support topic. I will review the block tags again but I dont believe there are any conflicts there. Meh. Gremlins. Totally mad, I had tested this till the cows came home to be honest before posting here.. Anyway we'll assume it working as intended and so I say great block thank you. If you can address my queries earlier: I'd be made up. Thanks - Seriously. Brian
  8. Gallery Album Images Slider Block[33]

    I think the mistake is mine, sorry, I am trying to get the block to parse on the portal page - not in content pages ? The block does display and I see the slider arrows, however they dont link to anywhere, and I get the js errors. Not sure if theres any point to be honest if its not possible to have the slider on the portal page. Sorry, using IPB for years, still figuring things out, and IP.Content, still a very dark art to me. I hope I am not wasting your time, and I hope I have given enough information to you on what I'm trying to achieve. Thanks M. Tech.
  9. move from hosted package to my own hosting

    Just to add to NenaDice post there, its most important to back up everything yourself before you migrate. Sometimes things can be missed, simple things which you thought were not important and it gets deleted off the host and then its a "poop" moment, which you can reupload via ftp. I have moved from IPS Hosting to self hosted, and have had to delve into a backup to fix a couple of things. Best of luck with it. Brian
  10. Gallery Album Images Slider Block[33]

    Hey M. Tech, did you manage to take a look see ? Thanks Brian
  11. Gallery Album Images Slider Block[33]

    Thank you. If you could - while your looking - ideally it would bring the visitor back to the gallery topic, or at least include the member name and a link to the original gallery image, do you think that might be possible ? Thanks again, Brian.
  12. Gallery Album Images Slider Block[33]

    Hiya. Quick question if you have the time to answer it, I have IP.Downloads 2.3.0 and am currently on 3.1.4 and have no intention on changing any time soon. Any way to get this slider to work ? Willing to throw a few quid into the pot.... Thanks Brian. Edit: Just to update the js error I get is: Message: 'ipb.idmportal.scroller' is null or not an object I do seem to recall it worked at one point in the preview block, but since reloading it nada.
  13. Download: Flash Image and Video Rotator

    Apologies, I am a numpty - as per your 1st post:
  14. Download: Flash Image and Video Rotator

    Hiya. Is it possible to display more than 5 images (or 4 +1 video) ? cheers.
  15. Question about hosted communities.

    In my experience it hasnt been X amount of members being online at once that was the restriction, it was the load I tnink (which wasnt properly explained to me at the time)