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  1. IP.Chat help!

    Brandon is looking into this :)
  2. How IPS uses its hosting services to grow and learn

    [quote name='Jeffrey Roberts' date='06 November 2009 - 09:48 PM'] My post is merely to caution those to ask lots of questions before deciding to use hosting services from a provider whose core business is not hosting. Our decision cost us thousands in lost revenue and almost our complete business. No offence, but if your business site(s) were backed up on the same hard drive, (yes I know it was partitioned) as your live sites, then that was a huge fault in your own planning/running of the server. I cannot understand why if you are hosting a business website, that you did not take regular backups both locally and remotely… I know that the system administrator accidentally wiped the hard drive, but mistakes happen. After all you would be in the same boat if the server hard drive died and you couldn’t recover it. Always plan for the worst and hope for the best :)
  3. How IPS uses its hosting services to grow and learn

    [quote name='Jaggi' date='05 November 2009 - 08:02 PM'] i'm confused, i thought you made bfarber sleep in the server room, i didn't see his sleeping bag in any of the pics. I heard they make him sleep standing up inside a rack!
  4. how about ip.content

    There is a page with most of the details of what it can do located here, but it does not incude the new database stuff. The main IPS website is running IP.Content, and more examples can be found [url="here. As for examples of the database take a look at Customer Resources .
  5. @AlbusDumbledore - When it's ready ™

  6. Is ipboard safe from hackers?

    Personally I think IP.Board is one of the most secure forum software out there and you should always keep your board up to date. This also highlights the importance of keeping regular backups. As for ibskin.com:
  7. Unable to Access Demo

    Welcome to the darkside :P
  8. How to change topic icons

    This should of really been posted in Pre-Sales Questions. When you get IP.Board you have a folder containing all the images. You can simply create your own image rename it to match the one you are replacing, and then upload it to your website. When you purchase if you need more help simply post in the customer support forum and we will gladly help :).
  9. For install help with IP.Content - http://www.screencast.com/users/brianandgarcia/folders/ipbdocs/media/c44dd7ca-b1a7-427b-9be5-981b9c158505