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  1. Dmacleo "just note you can change color for dropdown on each skin to match the color theme" :)
  2. i agree i have both apps fusion board is fine just need lots bugs to be fixed but lack support a issue and pro menu is very good and very well supported from owner.
  3. The problem have with custom theme is many skinners don't alway build around every app/hook around or even test few well used app/hook the Pro Menu works prefect on IPS Default and on all my skins i make because its great add-on
  4. DreadfulGlory if theme not working on 3.3.x then needs to be updated, is it custom skin or skin you downloaded ?
  5. never know was paid version of wordpress ! but then i never use it so could be why..
  6. without looking live demo bit hard could be hook/block or simple template edit into skin.
  7. Need hit reward button for my health..

  8. ok no problem Michael :)
  9. sorry explain bit better when hide topic its not showing up like did before when had unapproved post all doing change color of the topic that it. So basically not showing up on screenshots to show you. as can see the topic make test is hiding at moment but not showing up on front end.
  10. Hi am i going mad but unapproved has now removed and we have hide but if do that will not show using the hook that there topic that hiding for mod/admin to review.
  11. this not working right using 3.3.x but no points being added to the members totals.
  12. Yeah I bk out office moment but I do screenshot of the settings currently have.
  13. No not for me its for client that paid for the it and he called blackmana on here. And all get what see above not what your screenshot showing me.
  14. is there way control the app/hook with group permissions so not every group has the items set ?
  15. this mod not working as should do when i type in the topic title i am guessing the hook should then bring up the list topics ?
  16. Cancel my last issue had because not the real issue have ok as Admin the color Prefix show in topic like it should no problem there. Now as member the issue become different will not show up like below But shows the Open in end of topic next to time stamp as default.
  17. Ok i fixed that in the end :smile: but next issue i have with the prefix showing up next to title i been playing with the settings and only way show how would like it turning on Show As Categories. -- This how like be the first topic with open in red that can be done via the Show As Categories but if i do that i get this What viewable to everyone including members what really don't want any idea on how to fix have missed different setting ?
  18. i just tried that its now show topic title only unless have setting turn off when use that option screenshot below show you what get the admin forum settings
  19. i have question on this app if post a topic with this all setup for admin settings all the prefix so can be more controlled, it show the default topic tag below the topic title below is the screenshot to help understand what mean from the above is there any way to remove the topic tag because as member they can select from that area as below in second screenshot.
  20. Tell truth guys i not going bother with any laws to i told to sort it out very simple way because one day someone in office feels that need use his/her pen make new rule because he/she very bored and has nothing better to do, or feels that need waste more tax payers money of must the EU rules just waste of time and money and personaly all them need get real job and start sorting out the real issues, like new jobs, sort out the health system, stop wasting money on crap art store in office and spend it on improvements to roads, schools and better items. But back on topic if you feel that need apply to any rule within your local area that down to you the site owner not the company supplys the software because you have full control on the forum from admin area to skin changes every area has different rule for different place no company in the world has time see if applys or not the company must "make sure sticks to main laws" eg cookie settings can be controled or not but i very sure that facebook,google, yahoo will all be break this rule but do they care no idea. *This my view and will never change my view on this matter*
  21. File Name: Staff PM Notice File Submitter: Pete T File Submitted: 24 May 2012 File Category: Integration Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x Description: Adds a notice above each pm view if pm is from a staff member group. Compatibility: IP.Board 3.4.x IP.Board 3.3.x here to download this file
  22. i have one question what about the people lifetime license is going any changes in system on that side ?? EDIT :: just seen my answer so no reply needed.
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