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  1. OOTB Advertisement Tags? <--- what is this ?
  2. Not like your photo nope but its lines up nearly same if look over at https://invisionfocus.com and select theme dropdown you see footer there give better view.
  3. i have updated now to 1.0.4
  4. Ok i taken look and seem way IPS built the club activity unless wrong is using core php files vs template itself so not sure i can even get around this so unsure why gone down that route because no settings turn it on or off.
  5. Yeah I made error and need fix it it will be updated shortly.
  6. This support topic for Oblivion dark theme with blue focus If current customer had this theme please send me PM
  7. Version 3.3


    A very modern clean dark theme to all kinds of sites, eye friendly good for people don't like light themes also has great footer.


  8. It's fine dont worry I thought was me going mad because I know @Daniel F be helpful as normal but was question myself had fixed it in 1.0.5 or not and if not why can I only see the one message.
  9. I thought changed this in 1.0.5 to fix this issue as I can only see one vs above two messages but double check my hook.
  10. not sure what is but good news few days time the theme will be here so people can download 🙂
  11. i not getting this issues so i have quick sign up turn on by default but if go to domain.com/register only 1 message showing. see only 1 message being displayed unlike before
  12. Ok so check the plugin today on 4.4.4 and no error showed clear the notification in the standard way only item could be is your theme custom or are using the default theme ?
  13. I check out today see if works myself if there is bug I update it.
  14. I take look at this see what I can come up with.
  15. Ok is there other theme pre installed eg default theme as see this is IPS Focus theme as when i tested works on all my own and default theme, plus is the theme been updated for 4.4.3 ? so can rule out items.
  16. https://invisionfocus.com Username: Demo Password demo
  17. It's fine clear cache can fix many issues I always try that first if find a bug.
  18. Ok at moment unable reproduce this bug i set widget html block with title and content saved, then refresh page edit widget removed only title and again saved, and it removed no issue not showing so question i have, when removed the title and still showed have tried clear the cache ?
  19. I personal never had this issue on my dev site and live site, but is there way could record the issue you have via video so see steps you taken get the error/issue to show.
  20. The issues is normal down to amount hooks points us developers have to use to make a item load/show and if more then one uses same hook point problem start happend or worst a developer has chosen to change the template to fit there needs or even a theme builder. But back on point i see that asking IPS make more items out the box ? if i am correct then issues is not ever community wants the same out the box function or IPS might feel its not required function to spend the time to build, this why we third party developers are need. As for my plugin highlighted caused a problem did work out how to solve the problem ?
  21. the fact this developer not updated from October 2018 i say no there is my free version of same function
  22. Pete T


    Version 1.2.2


    (1.)2.0 is here, no idea why we jumped to far but why not! Please pay attention to the ACP instruction while working with the slider! For the slider we chose let your work with JSON to allow you to add as many slides as you want! This is a example of JSON for your slider: { "Crankchips": { "text": "This is v1.0", "button": { "text": "Check this out!", "link": "https:\/\/www.puffysticks.com\/" } }, "Crankchips v2.0": { "text": "This is v2.0" } } This is a example of JSON code for a slider with 2 slides. The objects inside the first (main) json ( defined by an opened curly bracket => { ) must have this specific form: "Crankchips": { "text": "This is v1.0", "button": { "text": "Check this out!", "link": "https:\/\/www.puffysticks.com\/" } } "Crankchips": { "text": "This is v1.0", "button": { "text": "Check this out!", "link": "https:\/\/www.puffysticks.com\/" } } Where "Crankychips" is the title of the slide, and the object after the colon ( : ) are the properties of the slide, the first property is "text" which represents the content of your slide, the second property ( which is also an object ) is "button" which has properties too, those being "text" ( again but as property of the "button" object ) which represents the button text on which users will click to read more about your slide and the "link" property which represents the link where the users will be sent to when clicking the button. The title and property of every slide should be passed through an online JSON escape tool like this one! Please note "Invision Focus/IPS Themes" have taken over all support/update this theme and will be making new updates shortly."


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