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  1. Haze 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    yeah missed that post but when i change the height to 110px fixes the issue but also send you test current version of the theme base see if same problem.
  2. Haze 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    Its fixed in version working on with following changes Twitter Status Fixed Block 1 area Imporoved Fixed Widget Text and Color Fixed Live Customized Fixed Breadcrumb when no Hero Message showing This looks to me logo bigger background could be wrong but should be able change height in setting have checked this ? if not i take look add to my list item wish have fixed before upload the theme as few people given me list bugs that no one reported before and lot before 4.2.x was out.
  3. Simplify 4.2.x By IPS Themes

    1) Add the theme as child theme if unsure how to do this i will provide simple guide. 2) Could look adding slider but will be few weeks away before could add this option. 3) We have facebook widget that shows the page like below Not sure if this what talking about if not provide examples
  4. Highlight Topic Author

    thank you will look into this.
  5. Navigation Icons by IPS Themes

    So update the plugin for me don't work on latest version so i just going update the plugin get fixed and then send few beta version out and get working better then current version
  6. Navigation Icons by IPS Themes

    Yeah does look only selected item been added to source making hard for people use new Font Awesome icons that become out, i see if there better way have this work but when check this plugin was not working correctly i going check again now with 4.2.5 and update here.
  7. TXT & PHP Widget

    never tested it in that way so no idea is my answer sorry little late and very unhelpful.
  8. Navigation Icons by IPS Themes

    Tom is no longer here all theme/plugin have been taken over by myself part from this one but i currently talk him see if get updated 4.2.x if need updating but can ask what issue you have ?
  9. Highlight Topic Author

    your welcome many people like see it but did work plugin allows profile area in topic show on mobile but needs tweaking now. at moment no online demo its only been installed on localhost.
  10. Luminous 4.2.x By IPS Themes

    yeah but currently offline as server having update
  11. Highlight Topic Author

    yeah we been provide feedback on the above and looking at how make look tidy for mobile if users have long names or other items there but thank you also for your feedback
  12. Highlight Topic Author

    1.0.4 will be out soon and fixed Mobile issue i need just do little css tweaks but is all working now for mobile
  13. Who Was Online

    no problem i am glad gone
  14. Highlight Topic Author

    i see why there ipsResponsive_hidePhone css tag within profile area so this will hide the topic author tag.