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  1. Luminous 4.2.x By IPS Themes

    yeah but currently offline as server having update
  2. Highlight Topic Author

    yeah we been provide feedback on the above and looking at how make look tidy for mobile if users have long names or other items there but thank you also for your feedback
  3. Highlight Topic Author

    1.0.4 will be out soon and fixed Mobile issue i need just do little css tweaks but is all working now for mobile
  4. Who Was Online

    no problem i am glad gone
  5. Highlight Topic Author

    i see why there ipsResponsive_hidePhone css tag within profile area so this will hide the topic author tag.
  6. Highlight Topic Author

    Ok i take look at this see if get it fixed.
  7. Who Was Online

    That because the call back file had extra 0 just fixed that my end so should not show up when your site next calls the update file.
  8. (NB41) My Football

    could be due logos to far away from text but looks better vs two logs next to each other
  9. (NB41) My Football

    Yeah correct so logo 1 left with teams playing in centre then right logo 2 look very nice then
  10. (NB41) My Football

    two items first one it could me being picky but the team sidebar is there option have removed ? as see my screenshot be nice have as widget vs there all the time, the next one is the fixtures would not be best have the logo each side
  11. Forum Competition

    to setup click pencil and given options fill in title for competition date and forum the topics will be posted in once you added the option you add sidebar or main forum widget that display the area the topic can be posted and how many people entered into your competition, the winner chosen by you depending what the item is for and once its finished create topic with winner name etc.
  12. Haze 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    i sent you Pm as working for me but sent the last update have my dev site i believe updated here but going check again.
  13. Who Was Online

    yes it works unsure why you would like display that long but it will show the members that period.
  14. Who Was Online

    never test it but will check and update you.