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    scatteredbomb reacted to newbie LAC in (NB40) Recent Topics/Posts   
    It's a widget setting First tab
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    scatteredbomb reacted to Joel R in why is search so bad?   
    Search continues to frustrate me, both in my own community and even in the IPS community.  
    Example: I'm running through my weekly task to check on the versions of all my installed plugins, so browse to the IPS Marketplace and search for a plugin "Enable Member Feature."  I get a random hodge podge of applications like Classifieds, Kitchen Sink, Babble, Links Directory, Member of the Month, and a theme by ehren.  The plugin isn't even listed.  
    Then I search for "enable member's features."  0 results.  How is it possible to return zero results when the official name is "Enable Member's Features on New Accounts?"  I am literally staring at the plugin name, retyping the first three words of the plugin name, and the plugin still does not appear.  

    As asked by the OP, why is search so bad?  
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    scatteredbomb reacted to Ocean West in Consistent ACP Menu > Submenu Patterns   
    In the ACP there is a column on the left it includes your primary navigation,
    The second column to the right of that is sub areas for features & settings.
    The remainder of the area is the interface where you adjust the individual settings for the selections made.

    However this is where things get confusing and in some cases out of control because this area may contain to many settings you introduce another interface design pattern "TABS". In the above case its not too terrible as there are only six tabs.
    But in other areas this model breaks down quickly - and to no fault to custom application / theme developer -  who is most likely limited to the use of this design pattern for this section.

    The issue with tabs is that they move around depending on the width of the browser window, this prevents anything from being committed to muscle memory. ( reminds me of MS Office of old where tabs rows would keep flipping around -and you had to click every single one to remember where a setting was)
    I would propose a new core design approach to this: a column that appears as needed between the second column and the content area. (vertical tabs) 
    quick photoshop sample: 

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    scatteredbomb reacted to Neej in Display Name History   
    I didn't even realise this App had a section in the profiles, I thought it was just an AdminCP thing.
    Cheers heaps for this fix!
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    scatteredbomb got a reaction from Neej in Display Name History   
    For those of you who were having problems with this on your board, I noticed that the elements this hook uses is 
    #elProfileInfoColumn > div.ipsAreaBackground_light.ipsPad On my third party dark theme, the profile doesn't use .ipsAreaBackground_light so the plugin wasn't showing up. Had to manually edit the xml file to target only #elProfileInfoColumn > div.ipsPad instead and that worked perfectly.
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    scatteredbomb reacted to Adriano Faria in Display Name History   
    About This File
    This plugin will restore a feature from IP.Board 3 that allows users to view the history of changing display name.
    Groups allowed to view the display name history
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    scatteredbomb reacted to The Jimmo in [JIMMO] User Join Date in Post   
    Just updated them for 4.1  
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    scatteredbomb reacted to Adriano Faria in Display Name History   
    What's New in Version 1.0.1:
    Changed the place of link to be available to all users (from selected groups).
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    scatteredbomb reacted to Lindy in Is there an ETA on when replying to statuses in widget will be implemented?   
    We've not yet committed to the best approach to implement this, but it will likely just be a text field -- i.e.: unformatted reply. If you wanted to go all out with RTE, you'd go to the full status page. 
    There's no immediate ETA that we'd be prepared to commit to, but it is in our sights. 
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    scatteredbomb reacted to Adriano Faria in Friends Online   
    What's New in Version 1.3.2:
    Users ordered by session time
    You must reinstall the hook and reupload all files.
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    scatteredbomb reacted to CodingJungle in Custom Moderator Team Page   
    recache your skinsets in look and feel.
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    scatteredbomb reacted to Marcher Technologies in Missing the Watched Content block here   
    ooooh, hey :P totally got it only showing content You have not read that you follow for topics :D packaging that now ;)
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    scatteredbomb got a reaction from Marcher Technologies in Missing the Watched Content block here   
    That looks like exactly what most of us are talking about.

    Please tell me you have some plans to release this as a hook? Would love to use it.

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    scatteredbomb reacted to Marcher Technologies in Missing the Watched Content block here   
    ....I just threw something together regarding this last night.... its only followed topics at this time, but is this similar to whats being sought here?

    starts with topic starter IF there is no replies, otherwise will show the last reply date/user.... uses the /unread/ functionality to pop one to the last unread post in the topic
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