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  1. Editor in Ips 4.0

    Question, if I wanted to upgrade my editor to the new version of ckeditor and some of its plugins, how easy would that be in file edits? I hope it's possible just wondering before I look into it.
  2. This is more of a feature request for IPB 4.0 than a pre-sell question, but it's still a pre-sale question. Long time user of IPB (way back when IPB was free lol) I have decided to make the switch to Content from Wordpress, I no longer want to maintain several different systems, each upgrade is a pain and plugins and hooks don't work together... I have lost functionality over and over, I'm tired. Marcher's bridge was a Godsent but I don't want to continue to bridge stuff.... I'm just sick and tire of it all! I'm sticking by your side with Content and dropping Wordpress for better or worse... but I have several concerns. Your forum software is amazing, best forum software IMHO. But Content not so much. I hate Wordpress, it's not secured, its code base is literally crap, but it looks pretty! Content lacks jQuery SLIDERS, TABS and FONTS, Taxonomies for displaying content, and a ton of other beautiful design features that make Wordpress just amazingly good looking. This is what I need from IPB team: Rebuild Content to truly compete with Wordpress, I have read most of your replies when someone compares you to Wordpress, but the truth is, Content's evolution needs to surpass Wordpress and unless all those beautiful features do not come out of the box or in well designed first-party hooks/plugins if you will, then all the permissions and security Content offers means very little. Before I fully commit to Content, will Content be improved exponentially to compete with Wordpress?
  3. Debate 3.2

    Simplicity, YES finally. Everyone else who doesn't like the new IPB can go to hell. This is their best work so far. I hope they keep making their products less redundant and more simplistic. They are losing ground to smaller boards because of this issue. More mainstream is the way to go. Old users who need all those useless features can go to vBulletin, they are still catering to the few who like all those features.
  4. That's the problem there, 90% of most forum visitors are first time visitors onlyy visit your forums once in while. You are thinking a regular user, I don't need to attract users like you, you would visit a forum regardless, I want to attract the users that are regular social media users and whom are used to more efficient conversations and easier to find featured content.
  5. I won't be happy until I have tab forum view browsing, IPB feels very primitive without it. The current forum format is a dead.
  6. While its freshed in mind, allow each tab to be configured in the acp and with the following settings: Cut off date for threads, this could yield to tabs like: POPULAR THREADS THIS WEEK, THIS MONTH ETC. Ability yo choose how many replies makes a thread to the popular threads maybe make it localized for each forum since this is now a global variable.
  7. I just read your 3.2 blog entry and I realized you are spending a great deal of time and effort making content more visible to users. Your ideas are great, and I believe I some great suggestions to accomplish this goal. I hope you strongly consider my suggestions, they are of most value for the following reasons: 1. Allow users to find content that is of value to them. 2. Allows users to find interesting content that may be of value to them per forum. 3. Allows users to view and read what is "going on" on the forum in a much faster and effecient manner. I think it would be a good idea for IPB to move forward to web 2 0 information display standards and reorganized forum and index view. Forum View Suggestion Forum view: forum view would be composed of 3 major tabs, with the ability for users to generate their own custom tabs based on predefined parameters, topic title, tag, category, by user etc. These tabs would transition via Ajax upon a user clicking on each of the tabs. Each tab would reload everytime a user would click on each tab and not all tabs but the default would load upon user landing on forum view (to save queries) and to help with views count if ads are being served etc. Topic Pagination Suggestion In addition, each tab instead of having a ceiling per se of topics displayed, a user could scroll down to the bottom of the page to the last topic and either automatically have the next batch of the default number of threads load up based on admin's settings, for example, if the default setting per forum is to display 30 topics, admin would get to select if 30 more topics are automatically downloaded via AJAX or if user needs to click a button to display the next 30 topics. The example of this pagination transition is Facebook and Mashable, but please remember to allow a period of time before loading the next batch of topics, because neither Facebook or Mashable understand this flaw and do not allow enough time for users to be able to scroll to the bottom of their page to click on the footer links. This is the only drawback of this pagination style imo. Forum Tabs I suggest having 3 default tabs on forum view, these tabs would be: Topic View, Most Discussed and Most Popular. Topic View: this would be your default forum view. Most Discussed: this tab would displayed most discussed threads based on the number of replies. Most Popular: this tab would display the most rated content based on thread rating. On default user would see this on forum view: TAB 1 (highlighted and selected by default)| TAB 2 | TAB 3 | TAB 4 | etc.... 1. This is a thread. 2. This is second thread. 3. More discussions. When clicking on tab #2 he would get: TAB 1 | TAB 2. (Highlighted after clicked by user)| TAB 3 | TAB 4 | etc.... 1. Most discussed thread here. 2. Second most discussed thread here. 3. Third most discussed thread here and so on... TAB 1 | TAB 2 | TAB 3 (highlighted) | TAB 4 | etc.... 1. Most popular thead here based on topic rating. 2. Second most popular thread 3 Third most popular and so on Btw I wrote via my htc google phone, what a pain!