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  1. IP.Nexus 1.2 Dev Update: cPanel Integration

    nice one! i've been waiting for this as well. :thumbsup: good job ^.^
  2. pre-launching a community is kinda hectic -.-

  3. IP.Gallery 4.0: Interface Overview

    woah! very nice! very nice!
  4. complete the suite promotion

    ok that's confusing >.< I got same issues as well... I purchased the Community Suite 6months ago and 6months ago it said that the Community Suite is bundled with Blog and Gallery as far as I remember. and hmmn $50 to renew. So I purchased IDM and IPC separately. Could you give me some light about it? I renewed already but the Complete the Suite is still there and paid only $25 to renew the Suite Is there a mistake or should I renew Blog and Gallery separately too? :unsure: :( Thanks, Rain
  5. points system where are you? *sigh*

  6. Welcome to the new Blog!

    looks great, im excited :rolleyes: to have mine.