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  1. Plugin title length

    The plugin title length is too short. It looks like 32 characters. I suggest that it should be at least 50 characters long.
  2. Version 1.0.2


    * It displays important topics as a forum category. * You can add and remove your most used topics. * May be useful for new users.


  3. Version 1.0.8


    This application suggests similar topics for deleted topics. Your site shows similar topics on the 404 error page. It is thought to be useful for SEO. It works like a similar topic. But only for deleted topics. Reporting is available for results. Note: Rewrite URLs must be enabled. Current topic not forund page New page with similar pages or topics I thank @EricT for the application proposal.


  4. New: Fluid Forum View

    Very exciting.
  5. New: Device Management

    Very useful features
  6. New: Delayed Deletes

    I like this feature very much. Thank you IPS
  7. (TB) Bump Up Topics

    Right now I have no time. But something can be done at a later time. Which feature would try to do if I add.
  8. Sorry, forgot your module is : 

    (IPBA) Recent Topics Widget 1.1.14

  9. Hello, I installed your module on my forum, I could configure it, but it is not displaying (www.eco-bio.info/forum/upload). Can you explain me how you can display it on the main page of my forum please ?


    Thanks a lot,



  10. I'm sorry, I did not look into init.php. Thank you.
  11. Hello, I think the Nexus does not support PayPal Sandbox. I think it is necessary. When I try to add at the end, it was not supported. Can the added support of the PayPal Sandbox, or is there a reason for this? Best Regards
  12. BL-3.2.x Older Topic Alert

    Hello, I'm glad you liked it. In the future, I want to make a better version. Currently I do not have much time.
  13. BL-3.2.x Older Topic Alert

    @Morrigan I will update the app soon. And I will add the features you want.
  14. Menu Manager : Suggestion

    This feature added to version 4.1.4 I'm so glad. Thank you very much
  15. Hello, I have a suggestion. Target (open in a new tab) options for a menu item. Do you add this feature? I think this is very necessary. Best Regards.