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  1. (DP34) Advanced Adverts

    DawPi, Would it be possible to have another advert between subforums and listed threads? For those of us who have alot of subforums inside forums ;)
  2. Ads in specific forums

    Thanks. Meanwhile I'll just wait and use something else. Really appreciate the mod ;)
  3. Ads in specific forums

    Hi, Thanks for the great mod. Came in handy for me. My question is, is there a way to show the ads on the TOPIC view like on the forum view. I don't want the ad to show on the first post but rather just in the same exact spots shown in the forum view (ie top and bottom). For me ads inside the first post is too intrusive but the normal top and bottom ads are ok.
  4. Deluxe by IPS Themes

    Love the skin. Just installed it. I do have a question. How can I "soften" up the "New Posts". Either smaller font or a different color perhaps or both. Thanks!
  5. I think I've managed to resolve this but I'm not exactly sure how accurate. The stats on maxcdn seem to indicate its working fine though. First in the maxcdn integration for the public URL I had to put in "http://public.blahblah.net/forum/public/" for image URL I put in "http://public.blahblah.net/forum/" and upload URL "http://uploads.blahblah.net/" I updated avatar and it instantly changed. I used " " to check.
  6. Hey mat206, I've done all that including the A recording and the CNAME. I did them yesterday. They have been resolving since this morning.
  7. figured out the user ID issue.. that was just me being blind ;) What I don't get is how the content from /public (where the skin files) gets replicated? I don't see anything in the instructions on that. After I change the Image URL path, none of the images load. I used firebug and I see that these files don't exist on my cdn.. not sure whats going on. I know I'm making a mistake but I just can't see any :(
  8. I'm having issues. First I followed http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/articles.html/_/server-resource-management/using-maxcdn-as-a-cdn-for-more-performance-with-minimal-effort-r510 but I'm running into issues. For example I am unable to add http://uploads.blahblah.com/ as the temp URL. I can only add uploads.blahblah.com The error I get is 'http://uploads.blahblah.com/' appears to be a DNS hostname but cannot extract TLD part' On the mod, I'm not exactly sure the user ID is. I put in the API key but can't find the user ID anywhere unless its the zone id? I also went ahead with it anyway but of course the files aren't loading. My forum is also in a subdirectory. Any ideas? Thanks