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  1. Edit Topic Title

    Thanks for your response, I understand what you are saying but as a counterpoint it is typically understood that moderators can "quick edit" a topic title, but many don't klnow they can click and hold on the topic title in the forum view because there is nothing to indicate as such. Anyway I look forward to if/when this gets adjusted. Thanks for taking the time to respond
  2. I support and would like to see this feature also.
  3. Edit Topic Title

    Hey Guys, I recently started a topic about editting topic titles when I quickly realized how it worked. However the topic did prove to have value. Editting topic titles is not as clear as it once was, an issue that is certainly easily rectified without causing harm to other features or aspects of the software. I am suggesting we restore the little edit icon on the forum view mouseover of the topic row for those who have permission to edit (in addition to the existing hold mouse down functionality) This isn't a major or critical issue in any way, but I hope that it adds value to the package.
  4. Hey Guys, I am posting in this section as it isnt an issue with a product but rather IPS's own implementation of Downloads. You used to have 'Version' as a required field for new files, which you can still see when you view some of the older 3.4.x files, however none of the new ones carry such information. With 4.0.x and 4.1.x having different requirements, many dont work cross-version and if people download incorrectly, cause their forum to crash. In addition to restoring the version field, perhaps a 'pre-requisites' field? Plugins that work for pages or commerce for example could state that within the file details so that users don't purchase the incorrect file. ( a good example is this file where it does say in the description, but isnt so clear - not the authors fault!) It would also assist in quick searchs/filters to find plugins only for the product you are seeking out. Thanks for hearing me out and I hope the improvements can be implemented soon if possible!
  5. Topic Viewed by Users

    As with everything Adriano develops, it works flawlessly. Implimentation is very clean and sleek. Much better than previous implimentations. Thank you for supplying the IPS Community with so much free content!
  6. Like I said ive shown on the list immediatly after a manual update, but not for long, even though the account shows. Maybe about 60-100 users with information entered into the field at most, valid or otherwise. Even now im online, and have been for about 8 hours and not once has it shown me as online.
  7. Aiwa, Love the hook! However am having what I feel is an issue. No MySQL errors or otherwise, however data seems very inconsistent. I've been online for a steady couple of hours and have even manually updated my own profile, however I stop showing as online after the next global update. Having said that, the task is set to run on a 5 minute increment. I am using CRON to power the updates and have also been updating manually to further test it. The plugin has been in place for approx. 6 hours, and not many people have a valid steamID in their profile from what I can see. Users Online (Board Index): https://www.dropbox.com/s/4wwhq4cltc2dpwr/UsersOnline.PNG?dl=0 Current Database Information: https://www.dropbox.com/s/njaorybouq1biqq/online_stats.PNG?dl=0 Command to Display Database Info: (Top result is me) https://www.dropbox.com/s/i3u695viapmtir8/query.PNG?dl=0 Currently set to 20 members every 5 minutes via CRON, displaying 5 users on board index. Has displayed me only after Manual Update but before auto update Memory Limit on Server 128M (Dedi box) Timeout is at least 60s Database appears to be handling the data fine, connector seems to be pulling it fine. Thanks!
  8. ProMenu Plus

    Could you perhaps show a screenshot of how it looks on the frontend and not just the ACP? Does it inherit styles from the skin or does it provide all of its own? I saw that you could mess with some CSS but would prefer absolute inheritence.
  9. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    Hey Pete, Love the updated shoutbox, just have a few issues/inquiries. - Bug: Updating preferences (ie sound setting) does not save, as others have also reported to you. - Bug: When I emptied the shouts table to start clean, and ran the recache, all went well, however each users shout count in the user table was NOT reset. So you can see next to my name for example that I have 550 shouts. - Bug: On the user profile (example) it shows guest next to the shouts instead of the username. - Inquiry: Im sure its been asked before, but is there a way to only block youtube/media from being posted in the shoutbox, especially auto parsing the youtube links. Thanks! Thanks for your time invested into support and the product itself.
  10. Ok, But what about the 3.3.4 users who wanted this? Are we going to get a compatible update as you go or are we being skipped?
  11. Any update for this by any chance?
  12. Download: Shoutbox

    Im sorry, but how about the issue that SpawnPoint and I have both had? Its quite annoying. Thanks!
  13. Download: Shoutbox

    I too am unable to I followed the instructions, although I ensure that is done each time I update anyway, when you edit a shout, it comes up in HTML and the button 'Edit Shout' does not submit at all.
  14. NOT working on 3.3.4 for me. Excluded nor # of Posts are being reflected. Any idea of update time period? I see ou have begun work on 3.4 already though, will this cause a slowdown on the 3.3 front for these little bugs?
  15. The last paragraph is perfect. ^ This. Why seperate everyone? Why do we need to have different levels of clients to cater to the big boys who want a private party zone? We all paid the same amount of money. If we buy addons (Which I happen to have most) then we all paid for them too. We also all pay the same renewal fees. A lot of us pay the same hosting fees, some smaller ones may pay more per member average if you want to look at it like that. What makes you think that you are more special than anyone else because they havent managed to strike lucky? Or for that matter because someone else did strike lucky while their topic was relevant and now their site is, behind the scenes, virtually at a dead halt while a new member would see it as a booming community. I work damn hard and deserve access to the resources on offer here, as do each and everyone one of you guys and everyone else who has kept silent on this topic. Although the OP has said he meant to insult, those who have kept petitioning this have, and it is fairly clear to anyone who reads your words. The staff here have created an equal community regardless of community site and it should stay that way unless people want to buy access into a high priority client group that would have access to a private sub section. Mention of money scared most of you off yet? Thought so. Perhaps you can buy a license and create this community yourself if you think that your opinions are worth so much that they be hidden from the general public? Create an exclusive community and offer advice there. The idea will seperate groups of people in an unfair way. This isnt what IPS is known for, it's not what it should be known for. That is my say as a very very long standing customer.