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  1. Simplify by IPS Themes

    Can anybody confirm that this skin does in fact work with IP.Content. I see that it is not supported in the listings and by Tom's above post.
  2. Download: (TVC32) Log In As Member

    after upgrading to 3.2.2 I get the following SQL error trying to log into the ACP. Warning: fopen(http://www.tvc-inc.n...loginas&v=21000) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! in /home/XXXXXXXXX/public_html/forums/ips_kernel/classFileManagement.php on line 217 SQL Error
  3. where is the status update

  4. where is the status update

  5. Building PC Question

    Yes it is a PITA. But you get a fresh drive with none of the bloat...well windows is bloat but you get my meaning.
  6. Building PC Question

    I've swapped disks for years obviously doable. I'd recommend if you are going to add your old disk to the new PC, to back up your needed files and format the disk prior to moving it over, Then install a fresh copy of your OS of choice and re-introduce your needed files. Better yet, buy a SSD (speed improvement is unreal) for your main drive and then use the old drive for storage or a backup disk.
  7. IPB 3.2

    Bah... all you guys are slipping.
  8. Doesn't view new content / market place do the same thing ?
  9. The worst thing about 3.2

    The fact that it is not available yet :baby:
  10. FireFox keeps messing up 3.2 skin

    cntrl F5 worked for me
  11. 3.2 logo PSD

    Will one be available at release? or better yet pre-release :whistle:
  12. how do we center the text and flag to be in-line with the rest of the fields ?
  13. IP.Downloads Submission Reminder

    Hi Michael, Is there any way to have this mod show as an announcement above the step process, or only show one time on step one. It seems rather redundant to have it show on step one and step two. Great mod and very useful Thank you.