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  1. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    I would really like an event calendar as part of this. Is that on the horizon? Thanks
  2. How do you install this app? Where do I find directions? Thank you.
  3. I truly appreciate all the kind and patient help I receive in my support tickets. Thank you. Dave
  4. [XPD] Nexus Global Message

    I do not see where under IP Nexus this is found.
  5. Download: Nature

    Will this work on 3.3.3?
  6. Download: Nature

    Easy fix, just change out some of the images (f_icon, f_icon_read) and get rid of butterfly. I installed it but it seems I am having issues with the blog. Any fixes available? Board Version 3.2.3 Blog Version 2.5.1 Thank you.
  7. Portal

    When I enable portal I get this error when I click on it. Fatal error: Call to undefined method skin_blog_portal_17::tmpl_latestentries() in /home/christia/public_html/forums/admin/applications_addon/ips/blog/extensions/portalPlugins/blogs.php on line 109
  8. Portal

    Thanks. Is the using IP 3.2.3? How do I view what it is going to look like, exactly.
  9. Portal

    I do not understand how to edit the portal page and view it while editing. How do you layout the blocks and even add html text etc? Is that even possible? Is there a tutorial on how do use portal page and enable on your forum? Thank you.
  10. Portal

    I guess I don't understand the portal page thing at all. How can I view the page before posting it etc.
  11. [EN32] Traffic Generator

    Question. What happens if actual member comes to board. Will they be able to login OK? Does it normally pick non active members, or just random. BTW... I did not see where I can change the settings, as to how many to appear logged in etc. Also, does it effect this stat? 90 users are online (in the past 15 minutes) Thanks.
  12. Portal

    How do I edit the portal page? It is installed and I cant figure out how to get to it to edit it.
  13. Video Tutorials?

    I agree! Might prevent stupid people like me from having to ask dumb questions and submit so many tickets.... :thumbsup:
  14. Would be nice if you all had a banner module that came with the forum product, that you could turn on or off and have size and placement options. Thanks, Dave