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  1. Force Password Reset

    nginx gateway timeout. even i try to run it with 5 per user, it gives an error after 500th member.
  2. Force Password Reset

    Is there any way to run it thru ssh? Or is it possible to add a function which it starts where it left after an error? I'm using reset function on a 400K users db.
  3. There's a bug with this addon. It occured after 3.4.6 update. When you get pm's, they look like sender left the conversations, when you add new members from acp, you get a blank page, you dont get notification bubbles for pm's and other actions. I disabled it now i'm good.
  4. GeSHi (IPB 3.4.x)

    How can I make url's in code box clickable?
  5. Download: IP.Board Default Red

    Can you upgrade for 3.4?
  6. (BIM34) Hide link and code

    It doesn't hide content in the code tag.
  7. (M34) Donation Tracker

    I have an expired 3.1 license. Can i download it? We never got an update while my subscription was still up. Maybe you can give this update free to your subscribers.
  8. One-Click Ban

    Yeah bring it on!
  9. One-Click Ban

    It does not.
  10. Download: (SOS30) Recent Topics v1.1.0

    PLEEEASE add a switch for ajax updates!
  11. Download: [EN30] Ajax Thanks v1.0.3

    Is there any way that we can transfer thank data to ipb's like data?
  12. Download: (SOS31) Recent Topics

    In big boards, those updates are really a problem. If you think %99.9 of users are the small forum owners, than this may be the problem. Ajax updates are resource hogs. And yet there's no better recent topics mod other than yours. Without auto-updates, its still the best. I gladly pay for this but for every update, i'll have to contact with you and get an update. Is it ok for you to make this option baseline if I pay? It still makes a query when the page loads. And it's enough to increase my query times to 5 seconds.
  13. Download: (SOS31) Recent Topics

    Why do you neglect me Adriano Faria :/ Please add a disabling ajax update switch :'(
  14. Download: (SOS31) Recent Topics

    I tried 90, but it refreshes when the page loads, and it's a massive load. Every select query execution time is > 5 secs. It gives hardons on my i7 12gb ram machine.
  15. Download: (SOS31) Recent Topics

    Can you integrate thismod into recent topics? And also a setting for disabling ajax updates? It's a super resource hog for big forums. And there's no better recent topics addon than this. Thanks