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  1. Just a quick note to say when I try and read your news articles on an IPhone 7+ the "Reac More" is hidden as per attached screenshot.
  2. Auto-Upgrader Feedback

    I'd set aside a considerable amount of time today to perform an upgrade but was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and speed with which the auto-upgrade worked. I normally spend a hugh amount of time uploading the files to my server because I've got a constrained upload speed. Thank you for the improvements to the Auto-Upgrader - It's working fantastic!
  3. Brandon, Thank you for taking the time to respond, it is much appreciated :) I'm going to signup for the 5 day demonstration in order to demonstrate the functionality and if there is an appetite to proceed further then we'll get in touch via the business contact functionality on the main site to understand how Invision Power Services can help us in respect to the authentication (paid for customisation etc etc) Thanks again.
  4. I'm considering whether or not Invision Power Board would be suitable for use in the organisation where I work. Unfortunately one of the problems we have is that as a result of mergers and takeovers we don't currently have "one" source of Colleague Authentication Does anyone or has anyone integrated Invision Power Board to use multiple Active Directories (e.g. 3) for authentication purposes We wouldn't want solely guest access and we'd want to avoid the need to for people to register etc on what will be an intranet based solution. Apologies if there isn't enough information here to provide an appropriate answer, please let me know if you want more detail. Thanks
  5. Download: [HQ] Awards (Free)

    Michael's post here should resolve this problem - http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/332003-download-inv-awards/page__st__380#entry2198299
  6. Classifieds

    Hello, I've just started encountering this error on my "mobile skin", I seem to have had a lot of problems with caching recently which has caused problems elsewhere but would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction for fixing this: Fatal error: Call to undefined method skin_classifieds_2::launcher_link() in /xxxxxxx/forums/hooks/cfdsLauncherLink_715d47215adf8bce3e19e8c655e5a6b1.php on line 16 Thank you in advance for your help
  7. Search

    I'd like to see the removal of this: "One or all of your search keywords were below 3 characters or you searched for words which are not allowed, such as 'html', 'img', etc, please increase the length of these search keywords or choose different keywords." I appreciate that you might want a filter such as this for performance reasons / to reduce the number of answers back but wouldn't it be better to:- Drop the keywords that were below 3 characters Use the remaining keywords (if there are any) Return the results Tell the user you didn't include these words... Hope that makes sense My primary reason for this request is that I quite often like to search on a particular error message to find a solution and always come unstuck. Thanks
  8. Very Happy IPS Customer

    I have been an IPS Customer for about 6 years and I don't recollect ever taking the time to say "Thank You!" so here is a long overdue... Thank you! I've put together a short list of things that I think make IPS and the IPS Community stand out:- Product Set The 3.2 product set is quite simply amazing, it was difficult to think back when I was installing version 1.2 that things would come along so far in such a short time. Great Team, Great Product Set, Keep up the hard work! Support - Always timely - I don't recollect having to wait long for an informed response - Excellent Knowledge - It's always a pleasure to deal with someone who knows what they are talking about! - Excellent Value for Money - In all honesty I believe the support received for the cost is market leading Community - It's great to see a community of so many people who devote their time and expertise to IPS related products whilst not getting paid for their services! Marketplace - I'm really glad to see a Marketplace full of so many great add-ons, I've always found something to meet my requirements, I'm currently implementing Social Groups, Classifieds and Links but I do have some other plugins too! Thank you to those authors! I'm sure I can think of more things to add here, anyone want to point out anything I might have missed? :laugh: Thank you!
  9. IPhone Application

    Thank you for the update. More than happy to pay a reasonable cost for the service, I personally would consider this a premium offering. I will look forward to updates in the future.
  10. IPhone Application

    I was thinking slightly differently.... Invision Power Services provide the customisation service for you. I say here is my icon, splashscreen image and URL and they publish the application for me in the Apple Store. I'm expecting this would be a premium service where they would update YOUR version of the IPhone application in line with the MAIN version of the application for say a year. I'm not sure how the guys work out the prices of their products but it would be interesting to know whether they would even consider this a goer
  11. IPhone Application

    Just thought I would throw an idea into the mix! How about making custom versions of your IPhone application? e.g. I am thinking along the lines of having a version of the IPhone Application that is branded as per the community it is locked to rather than allowing the user to select the community. It's good to be able say you can use an IPhone application to access the site but its even better to say you can use MY IPhone application to access the site. I know this has many drawbacks from a code management perspective etc but I always figure If you don't ask then you won't get!